Since our last interview, Bruce Graham’s collection of .ART domains has seen remarkable growth. With an astonishing 272 .ART domains under his belt, Bruce shares how his collection has evolved over time: “You could compare it to how I browse through an art supply store. You pick up this and that product thinking how you might use it eventually.” He emphasizes the importance of securing domain names when ideas or keywords come to mind, as they might be taken if he waits. Bruce also mentions his willingness to let go of names that no longer fit his projects, ensuring his collection remains dynamic and relevant.

Utilizing .ART Domains to Showcase and Organize Art Series

Bruce effectively utilizes specific domain names to showcase and organize his various art series. He employs the domain forwarding feature offered by .ART, directing visitors to specific project pages under his main website, For example, forwards to digital collages mostly about food, to mandalas, and to with images like “” By leveraging the .ART domain forwarding option, Bruce ensures a curated experience for visitors, tailored to the theme or style of each series.

Exploring Blue-Chip Domains and Their Contribution to the Art Market

Bruce highlights his project,, which serves as a metaphor for how an art image can increase psychological and monetary value over time. He explains, “ is a metaphor for how an art image can increase psychological value as well as monetary value.” Through this project, Bruce delves into the psychological impact and perceived value of art, offering unique insights into the relationship between art and the market.

The Journey of a Self-Taught Digital Artist

Bruce acknowledges the significant milestones that have shaped his artistic approach and led him to where he is today. He expresses gratitude for being contacted by .ART and having the opportunity to exhibit at CADAF, Skyping with Ulvi, and connecting with blockchain and Ethereum. Bruce shares, “That was my first introduction to the Ethereum blockchain which has evolved to I am forever grateful for what that experience has brought to my art projects.” These experiences have played a crucial role in his artistic development and opened doors to explore the possibilities of blockchain and NFTs.

Guidance for Artists in Selecting Domain Names

When it comes to selecting domain names for artistic endeavors, Bruce advises artists to acquire their professional name as a domain, establishing a recognizable online presence. He further recommends acquiring descriptive keyword domain names and utilizing the .ART domain forwarding option. Bruce shares, “I like having different names to use on social media as well; you can point viewers to specific pages on your site within a post.” This approach allows artists to have multiple domain names, each serving a distinct purpose and offering targeted experiences for viewers.

Promoting Health and Well-Being Through Imagery

Bruce’s passion for promoting health and well-being through art is evident in his concept. He explains, “I strongly believe in using images as visual reminders to promote health and well-being.” Bruce incorporates this concept into various projects such as, which features digital collages centered around food, and, where he combines art with affirmations. By utilizing images as reminders, Bruce aims to create an artistic experience that encourages positive lifestyle choices and mental well-being.

Future Plans and Projects

Looking ahead, Bruce reveals his plans and projects for the future. One of his upcoming projects is the release of, representing the current cultural climate and minted as subdomains under ENS wallet addresses. Bruce also expresses his excitement to explore .ART’s digital twin documentation protocol and the .ART ENS crypto wallet protocol. These advancements open new possibilities for image-making and documentation, creating an exciting time for his artistic practice.

The Role of NFTs in the Art World

As the owner of, Bruce shares his perspective on the relationship between NFTs and traditional art. He emphasizes his future lies in tokenized art, utilizing ENS subdomains to document each artwork as an NFT. By embracing blockchain technology and decentralized storage options like IPFS, Bruce ensures the secure and transparent documentation of his art, embracing the digital realm’s potential.

Bruce Graham continues to push the boundaries of art and technology, using his extensive collection of .ART domains to curate and share his diverse projects. To explore Bruce’s remarkable body of work and his respective domains, visit his main website, As he continues to evolve and expand his artistic endeavors, we eagerly anticipate the growth and success of Bruce Graham in the art world and the .ART domain community.

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