If you’ve been awake the past few years, you’ve probably heard of Web3—the cutting-edge technology that’s turning digital art into masterpieces securely owned, traded, and showcased across decentralized platforms. Needless to say, it’s the future. Paired with their .ART domains, these platforms are pioneering the tech revolution. Here are some standouts from our community:  


Finnish platform Alusta functions on three pillars: freedom, ownership, and curiosity. From image to video to audio to 3D, Alusta aims to democratize the creation process, explore innovative ownership models, and expand the community of digital artists and those interested in their work.  


Female-owned Pika made waves early last year when they raised $55 million for their cutting-edge, video platform. Feeding prompts to AI, users can produce video content in a variety of styles, from hyper realistic to Pixar-esque cartoon characters. Pika has thus cemented itself in cinematic production history as a powerful tool for filmmakers, content creators, and digital artists.  


DADA changed the game in 2017 with their series, Creeps and Weirdos where, for the first time in NFT history, automatic royalties coded on smart contracts and distributed on-chain. Now, DADA prides itself on being a collaborative, worldwide platform where creators engage with technology professionals, researchers, and collectors. In essence, it’s a virtual meeting space where members communicate solely through art.  


Launched by digital artist, Pak, Burn’s basic premise revolves around the cyclical nature of earning and spending. In this platform’s case, one “burns art to get ashes to get art to burn art.” In true, democratized Web3 fashion, users determine the value and utility of their fair launch token, $ASH (referred to as “ash”). To mine $ASH, one must burn NFT’s. In doing so, you make the NFT rarer, bolstering their value. The sheer dynamism of the platform is exactly what makes it so extraordinary.  


Expanded is a sort of watering hole for the cool kids of digital art. In their own terms, their aim is to turn Web3 “inside out” and expand the notion of galleries and marketplaces. Supporting female and non-binary artists, Expanded showcases incredible works by those it calls “yesterday’s pioneers and today’s avant garde.”


Amrit Pal Singh is a tech-renaissance man who is at once a visual artist, art director, and 3D illustrator. Since minting his first NFT in 2021, he’s created over 100 artworks as NFT’s. Among his incredible works stands out his Toy Face series, depicting famous historical figures like Jane Goodall and Basquiat in the style of “nostalgia-driven”, 3D-animated portraits.  


In familiar terms, World of Women is referred to as WoW, an acronym befitting their initiative. Launched with a shared vision between 4 friends, WoW has grown into an inclusive community, their collection featuring art by Yam Karkai whose works tell the story of empowered and diverse women. Since 2021, they’ve auctioned off tokens at Christie’s Auction, sold 10k of their WoW Galaxy NFT’s in a matter of hours, and partnered with Billboard to design 3 iconic women in the music industry with a percentage of proceeds going to charity. Talk about innovation that matters! 


The main goals of All.Art are simply defined: solve key issues in the art market, like copyright and licensing for NFT artworks. Their protocol thus ensures NFTs are always tradable with unique decentralized exchange mechanism, AMMs. Beyond improving standards and licensing rights, they offer a certification platform and token registry. In 2021, All.Art placed 2nd in Solana’s 2021 hackathon. 


Babylon calls itself a “consortium” guided by a principle you’re sure to get behind: art is meant to be inclusive. With over 30 artists and collectors, Babylon is committed to growing the digital art community and market through their NFT editions.  


Operating on Ethereum blockchain, 10101 has a gaggle of art experts handpicking paintings from top collectors and checking their authenticity. Once selected and approved by their top management committee, the works are transferred to Dubai where high-end scanning equipment and skilled developers digitally render them into NFT’s. If they are not sold entirely, all of them get burned. That’s the kind of thrill we like to see with new-age platforms like 10101.  

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