In an ever-evolving artistic landscape, the significance of artist residencies in nurturing creativity and professional development is unparalleled. The upcoming February edition of the free “Meet the .ARTists” webinar offers a deep dive into the transformative influence these residencies wield on artists’ careers. Join us for an insightful session that promises to unfold the myriad ways in which these creative retreats foster innovation and artistic exploration.

Date: February 22nd
Time: 11AM ET / 5PM CET
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Moderating the Conversation: Daria Kravchuk

At the helm of our discussion is Daria Kravchuk –  curator, art journalist, and cultural producer whose work spans across the globe, including the United States, The Netherlands, Italy, and Georgia, where she’s currently based. Her curatorial portfolio features projects such as an exhibition at Dropcity in Milan during Salone del Mobile and showcases the talents of digital and new media artists like Tony Oursler and Ozan Turkkan.

Daria’s insights are enriched by her personal engagements in artist residencies, notably Darb1718 in Cairo, Ria Keburia A-i-R in Georgia, ArtPort in Tel Aviv and Kultur Kontakt in Vienna. These experiences have equipped her with a profound appreciation of residencies’ crucial role in artistic development. In our webinar, Daria will illuminate the invaluable contributions of artist residencies to the creative process.

Featured Speakers and Their Contributions

  • Valeria Diaz Granada, Founder of La Boulangerie! ( in Paris and Founder & CEO of rossogranada art angels (, champions a residency program that immerses artists and researchers in the heart of the French art scene. Situated in Paris’s 9ème arrondissement, La Boulangerie! is designed as a creative platform to enrich artists’ processes and expand their engagement with the local art community.
  • Lesya Belanenko, the visionary behind Anfitrion Villas & Art Residency ( in Marbella, Spain, articulates how this boutique hospitality space merges with the vibrant Spanish culture and art scene, providing a unique environment for artistic and cultural immersion.
  • Alan Sastre, an artist currently in residence at Anfitrión, brings a wealth of experience in contemporary abstract painting. His work, deeply influenced by the Andalusian landscape, offers a vivid exploration of color and form, inviting guests to witness the artistic process firsthand.
  • Stella Arion, a London-based artist known for her innovative approaches to sculpture and ceramics. Stella’s work delves into themes of vulnerability, transformation, and the human connection with nature, challenging traditional ceramic norms with her dynamic and gestural methodology.

What to Expect from the Webinar

Attendees can anticipate a rich discussion on:

  • The broad spectrum of benefits offered by artist residencies, from creative freedom to professional networking.
  • Practical advice on selecting a residency that aligns with your artistic vision and goals.
  • Strategies for maximizing the benefits of your residency experience to fuel your artistic journey.

Join the Conversation

This webinar is an essential platform for artists considering their first residency, seasoned professionals seeking new inspiration, or art enthusiasts curious about the creative process behind the scenes. Secure your spot in this engaging session that promises to bridge the gap between art creation and curation, illuminating the pivotal role of artist residencies in the contemporary art world. Register now to learn all the ins and outs of artist residencies!