Welcoming World Art Day

World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts, and aims to support the development, proliferation and appreciation of all things art.
Featured image VIP Biloko Ya Moto by adopter Julia Massoulle, juicyillustration.art

Art has been a driving force for innovation and nurturing creativity, as well as a powerful tool for shedding light on cultural hegemony. We learned to appreciate both its impressive visual aesthetics and its ability to influence society at large. Art is at the very heart of everything we do, whether it’s preparing a meal, decorating a house, or even public speaking. Celebrating World Art Day on April 15 purposefully coincides with Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday, a master of multiple mediums and one of the most notable visionaries in the field.  

In celebration of this wonderful day, we look at some of the projects that help better the international creative community, ones that unite artists and make a true difference. What’s best is that they’re all right here – under the .ART umbrella. We hope they inspire you and fuel your imagination. Enjoy! 

Therme.art Driven by a belief in wellbeing for all, Therme Group creates the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts, all while ecombining nature, technology and culture. Through Therme.art, the Group supports the art and architecture community via a programme dedicated to the realization of large-scale, long-term art projects for Therme Group’s esteemed thermal baths. The programme works with internationally renowned artists, architects and leading voices to exchange dialogues and ideas. Panel attendees include speakers such as Artistic Director of Serpentine Galleries, Hans Ulrich Obrist; Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, and Global Director of Art Basel, Marc Spiegler, among others.

south-south.artPart auction, part online fair, South South is a platform focused on the Global South (lower-income countries). It debuted on February 23rd with a live, 22-lot auction and a 49-lot timed online auction, which kicked off a week of online viewing rooms. South South is building a community of artists, gallerists, curators, and patrons who have all hold a keen interest in both the decentralization of art production and the richness and depth of artistic expression in the Global South.


The Sevens Foundation project focuses on curating, educating, and funding artists’ first step into creative self-sovereignty through NFTs. It is an international committee and 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to spotlight emerging artists and share their creativity with the world. 


Agora Digital Art is a social enterprise in the form a network that empowers women in the digital art world. From talks to podcasts, stories, profiles to an artist’s residency, it is focused on art and exchanges between their volunteer curators, art historians, copywriters, marketers and creative minds. Their network is built on high ethical standards such as diversity, transparency, openness and mutual respect, which helps democratise art and leads to meaningful exchanges. 


Meraki art tribe is an online platform that brings artists together, forming a community that promotes the value and merit of art and amplifies a diversity of artistic voices. Their services include artistic promotions, individual profiles, photo, video and recording facilities and more. The tribe comprises members of the arts and crafts, body art, music, digital and performing arts amongst other genres. 

medliq.art The Atlas of Mediterranean Liquidity is a platform for interactive maps that investigates the effects of climate change on water issues in the Mediterranean. This project aims to bring together many voices, perspectives, narratives and agencies to help counterbalance the not so neutral practice that is mapping. This project is spearheaded collaboratively by the Goethe-Institut and CDA Holon. It brings about new ways of learning, thinking and understanding issues around water and, in particular, the Mediterranean. 

At .ART, we see the vast diversity of masters across artistic self-expression mediums daily: photographers, tattoo artists, dancers, poets, musicians, digital creators, puzzle makers, illustrators, athletes, cooks, leaders, art professionals, business owners, museums, foundations – the list goes on!   

We also promote, support, and empower our community, always looking at new initiatives, services, and products to help our adopters with their artistic journeys. That’s why we have developed a free website builder and our .ART Digital Twin (amongst other solutions) 

Our commitment to bringing value to the art market and rewarding creative entrepreneurship is real, which is why .ART has been a proud presenter of the Digital Innovation in Art Award for the past 6 years. This award recognises innovation and technological solutions that break current boundaries and helps to expand the art market’s value. This year, the nominations will open on May 1st. Click here to learn more. 

Together with our partners, we offer essential tools to help make any talent available to billions of online users, in an instant. With .ART, everyone can receive a unique digital identifier and carve out their own little space in the world of online art.  

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.ART Team
.ART Team
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