The January edition of the “Meet the .ARTists!” webinar series, masterfully moderated by Jeff Sass, CMO of .ART Registry, was yet another vibrant showcase of the diverse world of artistic talent. The event kicked off with Jeff’s warm welcome, followed by an enlightening presentation detailing eight innovative ways to utilize a .ART domain. He also delved into how .ART supports its vibrant community, highlighting initiatives like the Art Therapy Initiative and the Digital Innovation in Art Award.

The highlight of the webinar was the presentations from three unique artists, each bringing their distinct flavor to the virtual stage:

  • Iya Voinich ( and An Italy-based illustrator and storyteller, Iya specializes in children’s books. Her artistic journey spans various creative roles, including publishing, concept art, and art direction. Iya’s session focused on her creative process, from storyboarding to character development, and she offered valuable insights into effectively presenting work to publishers. When discussing inspiration for child illustrators, Iya emphasized the importance of exploring bookshops, examining other authors’ works, and attending book-related exhibitions.
  • Nebojsa Subotic (Shoneec) ( With a rich background in graphic and product design, Shoneec has worked with top brands and explored various artistic styles. Transitioning from digital art forums to NFT platforms, he shared how art has been a healing force in his life. He also highlighted the new opportunities that NFTs have brought, especially in selling digital art globally, which was previously a challenge in his native Bosnia.
  • Marina Estrada ( Hailing from Costa Rica, Marina’s art is deeply inspired by nature and her homeland’s rich tapestry. A graduate in Environmental Design, her journey took her through studies in Florence, Italy, to running a bed & breakfast, El Punto, in Liberia. Marina’s session was a heartfelt narrative of her path into art, how architecture and environmental design have influenced her, and the intertwining of her personal life with her artistic passion.

Each artist’s presentation not only showcased their individual talents but also offered a window into their personal experiences, struggles, and triumphs. The webinar served as a platform for these artists to share their stories, connect with the audience, and inspire fellow creatives.

Looking forward, the .ART community is eagerly anticipating the next instalment of this enriching webinar series. “Meet the .ARTists!” has established itself as a crucial event for artists, curators, and art enthusiasts worldwide, fostering a space for interaction, inspiration, and exploration of new artistic dimensions. As we continue to navigate the vast and ever-expanding art world, .ART domains stand as beacons of creativity, bringing together global artistic voices under one digital roof.