Facebook will become Meta

Can Mark Zuckerberg get hit by lightning twice? Will he be the hero of the metaverse world and disrupt our social habits again? As he mentions, the building blocks are here, but how exactly the metaverse will change our way to connect with people. With this change, the announcement includes a framework for many future products and possibilities. We can’t wait to hear more about following advancements and new announcements. With the promises to hire 10 000 people in Europe to work on this transition, we are sure that it will move at the same speed as us moving into a metaverse world!  

This startup raised $3M for their project
The owner of METAVERSE.ART managed to raise $3M for their start-up ClubNFT “
which will allow collectors to safeguard their NFT investments by downloading the media associated with all their NFTs in a single click”. We are sure that this is only the start of their journey. This project is onboarding two sizeable experts CTO/Co-Founder Chris King, formerly of Google; and CFO/COO Danielle King, the former Manager of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA. This makes us very eager for what they in the bank for this new domain! 

META.ART and many more

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You probably already know that our domains are priced in a way that makes all standard domains at only $9.95 a year. This contributes to accomplishing our vision and mission of a democratic art world and supporting both artists and the creative economy. We are proud to announce that the premium domain META.ART has been bought earlier in 2020 and it is now the house of an online auction house and gallery owned by the community! Many others have also been bought and we are excited to see what they will be used for. It is the case of metadigital.art, metashop.art, mymeta.art, metaman.art, metavr.art, metabook.art and metaspace.art.  

If you have a metaverse project in mind – make sure to get your .ART domain on Get.ART

We still have some amazing premium and standard domain names in the bank from meta-design.art to thedailymeta.art – don’t wait and get yours today!