WHATIS™ and Digital Twin

.ART is not just a domain registry, it’s a research body dedicated to innovation and product development that can increase safety and efficiency of the modern art world.

Digital Twin the new international standard for art object identification using stable, reliable, safe Internet infrastructure.

Digital Twin is based on “ObjectID” – a universal art object identification standard developed by J. Paul Getty Trust and adopted by UNESCO, ICOM, and major law enforcement agencies, including Scotland Yard, and Interpol.

.ART became was among the pioneers of the Internet to whom ICANN granted a permission to extend WHOIS domain information fields. Essentially, we have created a new category of domain names that, instead of identifying an organization, business or person (e.g., https://art.art), tie the domain name uniquely to an artwork or art object. These “Digital Twin” domain names (patent pending) differ from ones that simply deliver you to a web site in important ways.

The first difference is in the WHOIS data set that is captured with every domain name registration.Digital Twin has uniquely augmented this information to include artwork identification criteria based on a standard established by the J. Paul Getty Trust and endorsed by Interpol and other authoritative bodies. This information includes the artist’s name, title, medium, dimensions and other identifying information. As the object transfers ownership, so will the domain name providing a chain of custody and evidence of trustworthiness and provenance that will enhance its value and establish ownership credentials.

In addition, these domain names can store various types of information such as images and videos, data files for 3-D printouts, blockchain transactions, traditional websites, and other information that is valued by both artwork owners and patrons.

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