Wondeur Wins Digital Innovation in Art Award by .ART 2021

Everybody agrees that the period of 2020|2021 has been a testing year, to say the least. It has been a year that brought many changes to our everyday life and the way we experience art among others .ART is delighted to have been a proud supporter of the marriage of art and tech for many years, and partnering on the art award of the Allstars Digital Innovation in Art Award gives us privileged access to the creative minds who rise to the challenge in providing innovative solutions to the art world.

This year the competition was uncompromising. We have been mind-blown by the devotion and commitment that the shortlist exhibited. The projects ranged from fostering relationships between individuals or businesses in art, connecting people, developing authentication solutions, protocols, streaming art, and much more. Every year, the jury is asked to think about what is currently needed in the art world regarding innovation and new digital solutions. With the increased use of online solutions to purchase, view and experience art, they found that digital solution that brings art closer to the public, security and reassurance in online art purchased and being a connecting agent, is at the forefront of this year’s digital innovation.  

Yesterday, on October 14th, 2021, in London, Investor Allstars 2021 Award Ceremony took place. The evening was the occasion to give 14 different awards known as “the Oscars of the tech world.” .ART has been a proud presenter of the Digital Innovation in the Art award category for more than six years. This award recognizes a company or individual in the art industry that has used digital technology or the internet to disrupt and innovate within their field between June 1st, 2020, – June 1st, 2021. We are delighted to announce this year’s winner is Wondeur, a data-driven company powered by art historians. You can read about them here.

Upon the acceptance of the award, Olivier Berger, speaking in the name of the entire Wondeur team said:

“We are very grateful for having been chosen for this Award. We are sorry that we could not come to London tonight; COVID is still making everything a bit complicated.

Leveraging deep tech to analyze the art ecosystems on a global scale has been and still is equivalent to landing on Mars. We are indeed explorers and that’s one of the key reason we named our company Wondeur.

For most of you, it might be the first time you hear about us. We are not shy we are focused. Our technology today is servicing some of the biggest insurers and wealth management firms in the US and Europe.

What could be of interest for some members of the audience tonight is that our plan is to become a full B Corporation by 2022. It means that our mandate now is to give gradually a portion of our technologies for free to support artists and their careers, gallerists and museums in anyways we can.

Thank you again for this Award.”

The 2021 shortlist for the .ART Digital Innovation Art Award can be seen here.

We want to extend our congratulation and our thank to all the candidates on the shortlist who are committed to using their great minds and vision to push further our favorite field: art!

.ART Team
.ART Team
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