Maximize Your Instagram Impact with a .ART Domain

If you’re an artist or creative primarily showcasing your work on Instagram, we’ve got an easy way for you to grow your audience. As an artist, with you don’t need an elaborate website to expand your digital footprint. If Instagram is your portfolio, by linking your .ART domain directly to your Instagram profile, you can enhance your online engagement, broaden your community, and significantly boost your SEO so your Instagram page is easy to find and follow.  

 Why link your .ART domain to Instagram

  1. Effortless Searchability

Linking your .ART domain to your Instagram profile elevates your online visibility. It does wonders for your SEO, making your Instagram page more discoverable not just within the app, but across the entire web.  

  1. Direct and Distraction-Free Navigation

Linking your Instagram account to a .ART domain ensures your audience can find you directly, without the clutter of extraneous search results. This focused approach not only simplifies the journey to your Instagram page but also keeps your audience engaged with your content alone. It’s about creating a direct line to your art, ensuring that your followers can easily access your latest creations without any distractions. 

  1. Future-Proof Your Online Identity

Owning a URL gives you complete control over your online presence. By training your audience to visit “,” you create a stable and memorable point of contact that remains constant, even if your digital portfolio evolves. Whether you decide to transition your portfolio from Instagram to another platform or establish your own website, your .ART domain remains a consistent gateway to your work. This flexibility ensures that no matter where your digital journey takes you, your audience remains with you, every step of the way. 

Why .ART?

Global exposure opportunities

Gain global exposure by joining a vibrant community of artists worldwide. Our “Meet the .ARTists!” webinars and other community initiatives offer a platform to showcase your art across diverse mediums—from classical to digital, including NFTs. It’s a chance to grow your audience and hone your presentation skills in a supportive setting. 

Support Art Therapy

Every .ART domain sale contributes to the Art Therapy Initiative. We’re committed to the transformative power of art, dedicating a portion of our revenue to support this cause. Your choice of .ART isn’t just about your art; it’s a step towards healing and unity through art.  

.ART > Instagram Examples

  • David Zwirner Gallery: Utilizes ZWRNR.ART/Instagram for a streamlined online presence, enhancing accessibility and engagement. 
  • Anna Dragomir, Character Designer: Links ANADRAGOMIR.ART to her Instagram, creating a cohesive and easily identifiable brand. 
  • J Scott Campbell, Illustrator: Connects CAMPBELL.ART with Instagram, thus amplifying his digital reach and artistic impact. 

How to Set Up Your .ART Domain redirect

  1. Register Your Domain: Find the perfect .ART domain for you. Already have one? Move on to the next step. 

2. Log In: Access your client area at and pick the domain you’d like to connect. 

3. Adjust Settings: Navigate to “Settings” and select “Domain Forwarding.” 

4. Set Destination: Enter your Instagram URL in the “Destination” field. 

5. Activate: Click on “save changes”. This may take a few minutes to a few hours to activate across all browsers. 

Setting up a redirect from your .ART domain to your Instagram profile can be done effortlessly in minutes. Just set up “domain forwarding” wherever you have registered your domain and enter your Instagram URL as the destination. Boost your Instagram page with a dedicated .ART domain and grow your art’s online visibility now!