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Sharon Stone, widely recognized for her acting career, has recently rekindled her passion for painting, a skill she first developed in her university days. During her time as a student, she sold her paintings for $25 each, but today, her artwork commands prices in the tens of thousands. Stone has successfully hosted two gallery shows in the United States and is gearing up for her third in Berlin.

Her journey back to painting began during the pandemic when she received a paint-by-numbers set. This reignited her interest in art, leading her to spend up to 17 hours a day in a studio she set up in her Beverly Hills home. Stone’s early exposure to painting came from her aunt, and she briefly studied art at Edinboro University, Pennsylvania, before pursuing modeling and acting.

Stone’s latest exhibition, “Welcome to My Garden,” marked her East Coast debut at C. Parker Gallery, showcasing 19 paintings that include vibrant landscapes reflecting her inner world. Her works range from abstract representations of her experiences, such as her visit to Jerusalem, to commentaries on societal issues like the patriarchy and environmental concerns.

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Despite initial skepticism often directed at actors exploring other artistic avenues, Stone’s work, influenced by artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miró, and Claude Monet, displays depth and a strong balance of color. This exhibition demonstrates her evolution as an artist, showing her process of finding her unique palette and range in the art world. Stone’s venture into painting is more than a hobby; it’s a serious artistic pursuit, showcasing her diverse talents beyond the silver screen.