Mar 5, 2019

.ART overtakes .global in the race for more registrations

With over 47K registrations, .ART overtakes .global and, after a couple of weeks, it seems like the positioning is there to stay.

Are we surprised? No. If anything, art is one of the oldest, most universally accepted, understood and valued means of expression. The oldest art ever found is over 40,000 years, and we can still relate to it. What could be more global?

.ART isn’t just fun and global though. Here are a few reasons to consider choosing .ART among the multitude of other domains on the market.

  1. Branding

We live in times when even our grandmothers know what “personal branding” is, and .ART is a digital shortcut to your positioning online. What differentiates a hooligan from an artist? An act of vandalism from a performance? A mass market product from an installation? A graffiti from an art object? For one, there is always talent and creative genius. But there is also the platform, the reputable source of information that identifies one as an artist. Declare yourself and your creative status in an online space immediately identifiable with art.

  1. Availability and memorability

Because .ART is a new gTLD that has only been around for a couple of years, there is still an wide choice of short, memorable and numerical domain names. You can use .ART to get the domain name you want, or to shorten your existing one. While your art is what makes you unique, a strong or quirky domain name can create a powerful impression. And while geo domain extensions might seem like a good option, why limit yourself? Art is always global, it knows no borders and nationalities – especially in the borderless ocean of digital information.

  1. Being part of the future

.com has been around since 1985 (wow!), it’s as old as the internet itself. By getting a .ART domain you put yourself on the leading edge of a growing trend. Think about your target audience: having interest in the arts, appreciating beauty, and being open to innovation – they will be able to perceive and appreciate the elegance of your .ART choice.

  1. Better search results

Using a new domain ending will not hurt your search presence. Moreover, according to a recent study (The Domain Name Association, April 2017) there is evidence that the relevance of the words in the domain name and extension helps web pages to rank better for specific keywords.

  1. .ART is more than just a domain zone

.ART is not just another domain name. Our mission is to collaborate with the artistic and cultural community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art and creativity. .ART does this through sponsorship of innovation in art and tech industries, managing various awards and special projects. By getting a .ART domain, you join a growing community of like-minded individuals, sharing their work and collaborating to make the world a more creative place.

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