.ART Website Builder — New & Free!

The .art Domains is always focused on supporting the art community. In these testing times, mostly, the world is lived online. We are happy to announce our new FREE website builder to kickstart your online presence in only a few easy steps.     

This tool is free to use and accessible to all .ART domain holders who purchased their domain through get.art

In less than a month, more than 100 .ART domain adopters have decided to take advantage of it. Need some inspiration before taking the plunge? We suggest that you look at some recent usage examples. Furthermore, you can now choose between a light or a dark background.

Based in Japan and Germany, multidisciplinary artist Fuuko has used our new tool to the best of its abilities. Her medium includes painting, dance, performance, scenography & design. The portfolio of her website showcases examples of all of them. On her contact page, she links her audience to various social media and, most importantly, to her Etsy shop! Get inspired by visiting fuuko.art  

Alena Gorbacheva is a ceramist for whom clay awakens her imagination. As she states: “I like to create complex sculptures that resemble spontaneous forms of nature. The most important thing for me is to show the movement of a static object.” Her website presents some of her creations by using several photos and details of her 3D clay artworks. She also took advantage of the numerous touchpoints of our contact pages by adding both her personal email and number and linking it to her main social media profiles. Visit alenagorbi.art to see how she easily creates her online presence with our new tool, a free website builder.   

Where will you buy your next artwork – what about online? This is what is the proposition of masterpiece.art, an exciting new market place that aims to connect artists and collectors together. You can currently discover a few pieces that will be on display at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea 9th -13th March 2022, and eventually many more masterpieces! This is one to watch.

On johnkaufman.art you will be able to discover some amazing holograms as well as some amazing photography in black and white and digital stereo color photography. They are the creative output of the eponym artists who also founded the photography department at Marin Academy in San Rafel, California and who is a prolific artist of his own rights.

Another inspiring way our free website builder is being used is by artists Anne Carpenter on annecarpenter.art. There you will discover the amazing works, mostly watercolour, of this artist based in Sydney, Australia. In some of her work, you will get this vintage feeling of a sepia, and an amazing range of gradient tones. Visit her website to discover more, commissioned Pet portraits or many other projects.

Step 1 

Get a .art domain on get.art. Standard domains start at just 9.95 $ per year.  

Step 2 

Log in to your account or quickly create one! 

Step 3  

Click on the ADD/EDIT BUILDER  

Then click on the green button ACTIVATE  

Step 4  

Fill the information fields with the information you want display on your website, contact information, cover images and what your online presence is all about! 

Step 5  

Add photos and videos of your projects  

Step 6  

Hit the save button! It is located between the information section and the Portfolio one! 

You are done!  

Please note that it might take up to 48 hours to go live.  

Keep in mind 

You can always go back to your page and make modifications by login into your account on get.art 

If you are a visual person, we also made a video! Watch it here 


  • Check your spelling and review the information before hitting the save button 
  • Follow our social media account for promo codes 
  • Look into our guidelines for .art Domains adopters to submit their work and be featured

You need inspiration, we have created content to help you think about your online presence. You can read The website as a canvas or How to create an artist’s website and why you need one for more practical tips. This is only the beginning of your online presence. We can’t wait to see where it will take you!