Bringing Artists and Technologists together: SevenonSeven.ART

May 8, 2017

April 21st marked the 9th edition of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Conference, which pairs seven leading artists with seven visionary technologists, and challenges them to make something new — an artwork, a prototype, whatever they imagine.

This year .ART has been a premiere partner of Rhizome and provided the .ART platform to narrate participant stories on unique URL’s. Some of the pairs like artist Jayson Musson and Buzzfeed’s CEO Jonah Peretti presented their collaboration via a video address introducing a new “anti”-social network named “Blockedt”. While others, as Artist Bunny Rogers and engineer Nozlee Samadzadeh of Vox Media, used .ART URL to create “”, a custom CMS tool initially intended for Bunny Rogers work, but now also launching in the App Store to allow users create their own web collections, featuring images and short captions.

The highlights of all individual projects and their unique stories can now be found on the following websites:

Artist Jayson Musson & Jonah Peretti, Founder and CEO, Buzzfeed

Artist collective DIS & Rachel Haot, Managing Director, 1776

Artist Addie Wagenknecht & Cindy Gallop, Founder, MakeLoveNotPorn and IfWeRanTheWorld

Artist Miao Ying & Mehdi Yahyanejad, Founder, Balatarin and Net Freedom Pioneers

Artist Bunny Rogers & Nozlee Samadzadeh, Engineer, Vox

Artist Olia Lialina & Mike Tyka, artificial intelligence researcher at Google

Artist Constant Dullaart & Chris Paik, Partner, Thrive Capital

We are delighted to partner with Rhizome and New Museum for the 2017 edition of Seven on Seven, which is one of the most innovative and celebrated moments, marrying art and technology, on the art world calendar. To create and launch is a tremendous privilege,”
 commented Ulvi Kasimov, Founder of .ART


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