.ART aspires to be much more than just another domain name – a digital platform for the art world. Our list of adopters speaks for itself. Such well known institutions and individuals as Guggenheim, Tate, Centre Pompidou, Louvre and Olafur Eliasson have joined .ART right after its conception.

Many of .ART-adopting, real-life artists, including Banksy, have been using their new .ART domain identity to develop state of the art websites. Jordan ‘Watts’ Watson, a prominent and controversial urban art authority with over 1,3 million followers on Instagram has never previously owned a website. He chose www.lovewatts.art as his official web address, where he showcases his collaborations, sells products and refers other artists.

Shantell Martin, a young British visual artist exploring the interaction between new technologies and the way art is made and consumed, found a way for her characteristic black and white compositions to be reflected in the website (shantellmartin.art) design (created by ANTON & IRENE).

Hailed as “one of the great artists of our time” (by The Washington Times), choreographer, painter, and director Shen Wei is internationally renowned for the breadth and scope of his artistic vision. His website www.shenwei.art has a concise and clean layout, where the visitor is not distracted from the greatness of the visuals themselves.

www.stevemiller.art, a collaboration between artist Steve Miller and web designer Colin Goldberg (www.goldberg.art), oozes fresh and cool, and how fittingly. The spectrum of showcased creations is wide between surf and skate boards, books, apparel and prints.

Katerina Belkina, a Russian artist living and working in Berlin, uses www.belkina.art to create an eclectic and futuristic atmosphere, mixing reality and magic, much like she does in her works.

teamLab is an interdisciplinary creative collective based between China, Japan and Singapore. www.teamlab.art, in accordance with the business philosophy, goes beyond boundaries. The website is a whole other scape, full of concepts, exhibition summaries, projects, ideas, products, and more – presented in a relaxed visual way. Their vision is as follows: “digital technology releases expression from substance and creates an existence with the possibility for transformation.”

AES+F’s grand visual narratives explore the values, vices and conflicts of contemporary culture in the global sphere. The website of the art collective, www.aesf.art, is laconic but full of meaning – quite a combination to achieve.

.ART has also become a cosy digital home for a few art world institutions, including Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam at www.stedelijk.art, Beyeler Foundation in Germany at www.fondationbeyeler.art, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London at www.ica.art and BRAFA Art Fair at www.brafa.art. The Marina Abramovic institute, previously hosted at www.mai-hudson.org, has switched over to www.mai.art, a much smoother looking domain name.

.ART is a platform that is creative, and as a consequence, flexible. We are thrilled to see that tendency develop through websites being created for projects, ideas and exhibitions. www.antarcticbiennale.art is presenting something truly incredible –  an international socio-cultural phenomenon that uses artistic, scientific, and philosophic methodologies to address shared spaces such as Antarctica, the Ocean, and Outer Space. An actual expedition on research ships is part of the deal!

www.intuition.art is for Intuition – the last in a highly acclaimed series of exhibitions at the Palazzo Fortuny, made to coincide with the Venice Biennale. Light and somewhat ephemeral, the website is like intuition itself.

www.giclee.art and www.airbrush.art are both subsidiaries of Canvas Boutique, a gallery in York. What a cool way to create digital platforms for different steams of your creative work.

We like experimentalists too. Check out www.denti-pro.art, an online gallery of teeth-themed paintings and prints, made by a Madrid dentist who combines his occupation with being an artist!

.ART has a lot to look forward to. We have adopters from the world of luxury: Rolex, Audi, Cartier and Whitewall Magazine; those who are good at wordplay, like the guys who purchased MITmakes.art; and others: Google, Beyoncé, Facebook, and Disney – to name a few.