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If you already have a .ART domain and want to share your project, story and creative tips with the world, contact us!
If you have a .ART domain and want to share your story with the world, contact us!
.art Domains is now a Patent Holder for its Digital Twin solution
The .art Digital Twin is a digital letter of authenticity that is simple to register and impossible to use.
Ars Electronica X .art Domains - the Digital Launch You Don't Want to Miss
September 9th marks the beginning of a global journey for Ars Electronica festival. The 2020 pandemic urged for the format to be revisited. As one amongst many others festivals and art...
Digital Twin by .ART as an additional level of provenance – review by artist Robert Richardson
“I will seriously consider the .ART Digital Twin as an additional level of provenance, since the...
It’s all gone bananas! Digital Twin – a new product for the art market
Digital Twin by .ART is a new product that turns your artwork into an asset.
Three reasons to display your private collection of art online
Whether you are guided by passion or investment choices – it's worth displaying your private art...
.ART founder Ulvi Kasimov reveals new generation digital letter of authenticity at Apsara Conference, organised by Alibaba Group
In line with the ongoing partnership between .ART and Alibaba Cloud, the largest cloud computing...