It has been years in the making. One of our new online solutions, the .art Digital Twin, has received a U.S. Patent. Three years after the initial application, UK Creative Ideas Ltd received news that the patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The .art Digital Twin or Patent US 10,805,263 can be easily described as a sophisticated digital avatar of your artwork. It provides an easy to understand, easy to use solution for storing valuable artwork information. Using the international Object IDTM standard developed by the Getty Trust, the DNS acts as an expansive, distributed, secure data holder. .art Digital Twin’s digital Certificate of Authenticity allows you to put your mind and the mind of your collector at peace. At its core, .art Domains are designed to connect, empower and support the art communities, and generate value from art and offer the .art Digital Twin product. This is a solution created to protect and certify the artist’s work and facilitate collectors acquisition of new works of art, especially digital ones, with confidence. Art and authenticity have been a recurrent topic of conversation in the art world for centuries.

By creating .art Digital Twin, artists are enabled to capture artwork information in a secure and reachable way that would not be possible with a “traditional” offline certificate. The combination of the DNS, registration data and Blockchain utilities provide the next step in stable, distributed and accessible data storage. This information stored provides evidence of provenance, in real-time. Provenance, like authenticity, is a key factor for artwork value. This is another great way to put technology at the service of education and knowledge sharing.

The team behind .art Domains developed .art Digital Twin to improve the current conditions for digital art certification.

One of the adopters, Fabin Rasheed, an India based Artist, Designer, Innovator and Technologist, highlighted the uniqueness and utility of the domain-based innovation in .art Digital Twin as he said in a recent interview:

“It essentially helps encapsulate the content digitally. What struck me most was the unique .art domain names that came with the Digital Twin. Any day, I could refer folks to my artwork using the domain name. What more is that there is a guarantee of authenticity and longevity. I can share it with anyone, and it contains not only the video but also the details, description, timestamp and more. Since there is blockchain integration available, the possibility of trading and getting tangible returns for creatives is also possible with Digital Twins and that I feel is really valuable to an artist in this era.”

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More than 100 artists and artwork owners have adopted our .art Digital Twin as a way to protect their investment and intellectual property. After a beta opening at, .art Domains is working on evolving the product and is in work to open at three additional registrars. Many of the artists participating in Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery has secured .art Digital Twin domains.

You can see some examples of them here:, or by Amy Karle.