.ART founder Ulvi Kasimov reveals new generation digital letter of authenticity at Apsara Conference, organised by Alibaba Group

In line with the ongoing partnership between .ART and Alibaba Cloud, the largest cloud computing company in China, .ART team has participated in Apsara Conference in Hangzhou and presented its Digital Twin product.

Last week at the Apsara Conference in Hangzhou, founder of .ART Ulvi Kasimov had the pleasure of presenting the first ever digital certificate of authenticity – Digital Twin by .ART.

Apsara Conference is held annually and organized by Alibaba Group. This year it has attracted over 20 000 visitors, covered over 30 000 square meters of exhibition space and has hosted discussion panels on over a thousand technology topics.

Despite the existence of many solutions, no consensus has yet been reached when it comes to certificates of authenticity. Putting together the best of existing digital and technical expertise, .ART created Digital Twin, a new generation of certificates and the first of many .ART products to be launched in the coming years.

Digital Twin by .ART is a digital letter of authenticity that is simple to register and impossible to lose. In just a few clicks and without the need for complicated legal procedures, one can create a letter of authenticity for a piece of art that can be printed anywhere, anytime – thus making it easier to sell, create records of related transactions and track provenance. Leveraging the easy-to-understand technology of domain names, using an international standard for describing cultural objects developed the J. Paul Getty Trust, and offering the option of a Blockchain connection, Digital Twin by .ART creates a sophisticated but easy-to-use art object identification tool. Having all the qualities of a paper certificate of authenticity, Digital Twin by .ART lets one store unlimited video, graphic, text and other types of data. This puts the given piece of art in the context of creation and increases its value since the most marketable part of it is information and emotions, not the physical component. Digital Twin by .ART was developed using the digital infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud, the largest cloud computing company in China.

 Digital certificates of authenticity can already be purchased at ip.art. The service has been launched recently – we are working on technical improvements and new features!

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