Every artist knows that a letter of authenticity makes a difference. Highly sought after by collectors, dealers and hobbyists alike, letters of authenticity add value to a piece of art. No wonder, really. If a banana taped to a wall can be sold for thousands of dollars, it’s clear that the idea itself, the manifestation – is the work of art. And if the next art performance includes the art object being eaten, having a digital record of it is essential.

Digital Twin by .ART provides all of the benefits of a traditional letter of authenticity, and more. Leveraging the easy-to-understand technology of domain names and using an international standard for describing cultural objects developed the J. Paul Getty Trust, it stores exhaustive information about the art piece’s appearance. Moreover, it allows to add as much content as you want, including videos and high-resolution images.

This allows for unprecedented depth of perception. What was once just an authentication tool, becomes a space that safely holds context that’s often missing from art as we come across it in the “wilderness” of the market. It is context and sensory experience that makes us relate to art and understand it, regardless of its form. This is exactly what makes an art object desirable, exciting, valuable and increases its cost. The more information there is about an art object, the more layers of value it has. Digital Twin by .ART allows you to pack your artwork with as much depth, context and value as you want.
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Bonus. When registering Digital Twin you will also get a corresponding name in the Ethereum Name System (ENS), which can be used to link your Ethereum wallet if you have one.

Digital Twin by .ART is easy to register, affordable and impossible to lose.

The product is still under development and is being constantly improved. Dare to try it now or stay tuned to catch our next update!

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