The New International Standard for art object identification using stable, reliable, safe Internet infrastructure.

Art Records is based on “Object ID” – a universal art object identification standard developed by J. Paul Getty Trust and adopted by UNESCO, ICOM, and major law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Scotland Yard, and Interpol.


The information available about art objects on the Internet is scattered and decentralized. This makes it difficult and tedious to navigate and find the information you seek. There is an enormous amount of data of which only some is relevant to you. It is impossible to find or trace anything due to the absence of a unified database.
Art Records provides an opportunity to centralize all of the information about an art object in a single online address. Art Records registrations provide evidence of provenance, as well as the ability to store, share, and sell information about an art object one owns: making it true asset.
Provenance tracking
Art Records can establish and store an art object’s chain of ownership and even movements around the globe. This technology is embedded in the Art Record online registration process.
Easy and convenient online track of art object usage
Art objects using online Art Records registrations are more visible and easier to track in the online space - providing control of when, where and how your art work is presented, while protecting your property rights in the art.
Centralization of art object-related information
  • Accumulate information about an object in one place.

  • Store different types of records: text files, images, videos, data files for 3-D printers, touring schedules, and so on.

  • Regulate information access: the owner of an art object decides what information should be publicly accessible.

  • Publicise or monetise art object information about an object: make available pieces of information about an object – e.g., academic references, articles, catalogues, audio and video guides.

  • Add 3rd party services: image printing up to a certain quality, memorabilia, gifts for students and children, museum store or limited edition sales, etc.


Yugen is the first work to be registered as an Art Record - the new standard for art object identification on the Internet. Art Records can provide evidence of provenance, establish artwork chain of ownership, and provide meaningful and valuable art work information in a variety of formats. Art Records is based on the standard developed by J. Paul Getty Trust and adopted by UNESCO, ICOM and major law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol.

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