Digital Innovation in Art Award

It’s that exciting time of year again—entries for the Digital Innovation in Art Award 2024 are officially open. This prestigious award, presented by .ART in collaboration with Investor Allstars, celebrates the boundary-pushers at the intersection of art and technology, whether they are individuals or organizations.

Who Should Apply?

Are you an individual visionary or a company leading the way in combining art with technological innovation? Or perhaps using AI to revolutionize the art market? We want to hear from you. We are looking for:

  • Individual visionaries and companies whose projects merge art, tech, and innovation.
  • Innovators who use AI to redefine the art market.
  • Industry leaders dedicated to delivering unique value in the art sector.

Why You Should Apply

Participating in the Digital Innovation in Art Award offers several benefits:

  • Have your work evaluated by a panel of expert judges from both the art and tech industries.
  • Attend the glamorous Investor Allstars gala event in London on October 19th.
  • Gain recognition and potentially win accolades from a global audience, making a significant mark in the ‘Oscars of the tech world.’

The Importance of Awards and Accolades

For both individuals and companies, especially startups, awards like the Digital Innovation in Art Award can serve as a powerful tool for validation and visibility. They not only honor creativity and innovation but also provide a platform for networking with industry leaders and potential investors. Recognition through such accolades can elevate a profile, attract new business opportunities, and boost team morale.

About Digital Innovation in Art Award

Now in its seventh year, the Digital Innovation in Art Award, in partnership with Investor Allstars, shines a spotlight on those transforming the way we interact with art through technology. Last year, the award recognized two outstanding entities: Well of Art for their innovative approach to art education and Artivive for their use of augmented reality to create interactive art experiences.

Apply now to make your mark—entries are open until May 31st, 2024. The award ceremony will take place on October 10th, 2024.

GP Bullhound and Allstars

The Digital Innovation in Art Award is presented in association with GP Bullhound, a leading technology advisory and investment firm renowned for its commitment to helping tech leaders achieve their potential. Known as the ‘Oscars of the tech world,’ Investor Allstars creates a stage where the brightest and most innovative companies and individuals are celebrated.

This unique opportunity is not just an award—it’s a gateway to being recognized on a global platform as pioneers at the forefront of digital innovation in art. If you’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at the nexus of art and technology, apply today, whether as an individual innovator or on behalf of your company!