What is the HUG 100?

Open to artists of all mediums and experiences, the inaugural edition of HUG 100 Artists to Watch (www.hug100.art) will spotlight exceptional artists who are shaping the future of art and creativity. This prestigious list will be printed and produced in Germany as a hardcover book, and be made available at the Danish Royal Library in Copenhagen.

To help us decide on the final list, we are thrilled to share HUG’s full curatorial jury, which includes curators from both traditional and non-traditional art institutions:

  • Madeleine Pierpont, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • Sebastian Sanchez, Christie’s
  • Deja Belardo, The Shed
  • Leslie Cober and Arabelle Liepold, Society of Illustrators
  • UnknownCollector, Independent & Profilic Art Collector 
  • Jiayin Chen of Artnet
  • Clara Peh, Independent Curator & Founder 
  • Michael Leo of NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery

The Do’s – Tell Your Story Effectively

One of the unique features of our open call for the HUG 100 is that we are inviting our curatorial jury to review a submission’s accompanying Artist Profile to get to know an artist better.

What is a HUG Artist Profile?

HUG Artist Profiles are the ultimate tool for an artist to have their work seen, shared, and celebrated. Designed with the needs of artists, curators, and collectors in mind, a HUG Artist Profile empowers an artist to share more about themselves and their work while connecting them with new audiences.

Find out more and submit before January 22nd, 2024 at www.hug100.art!

Showcase your personal brand with your HUG Artist Profile

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not! The more concise and consistent you are with sharing your artistic vision and practice through your personal brand, the more likely you are to capture attention and leave an impression. Like other social platforms, HUG Artist Profiles have features that each serve as an opportunity to share more about yourself.

The Don’ts – Preventing Automatic Rejection or Disqualification in Open Calls

Curating is a highly personal decision dependent on an individual curator’s expertise, experience, and needs. One of the best ways to optimize your open call submission for this opportunity and others is to look at common causes for rejection and then actively work to avoid them.

It’s worth noting that the following has nothing to do with the quality of art or skill of the artist, with even the most expert of creators falling victim to these mistakes.

Find out more and submit before January 22nd, 2024 at www.hug100.art!

Our 3 Don’ts to Prevent Rejection

  1. Don’t make incomplete submissions
    Accidents and oversights can happen, but incomplete submissions occur more frequently than you’d think. Many curators may take a zero-tolerance policy on incomplete submissions, especially when there are hundreds or even thousands of works to review in a short time.
  2. Don’t submit inaccurate information
    Did you send in the requested file type? Is the information you shared correct? Can you confirm that any links you shared are functioning? Always review details, complete any requirements, and check your submission for quality assurance before you send it in. An inaccurate submission may require almost as much effort as an accurate one but usually has zero chance of getting selected.
  3. Don’t submit work that misaligns with the opportunity
    Misalignment of an art submission to an open call is one of the more unfortunate reasons for rejection, more so if the art is especially remarkable. An artist must consider the needs of a curator detailed in an open call when selecting which piece to submit.

For example, since the HUG 100 is a traditional publication opportunity, submissions with high-quality still images that will accurately translate to print have a higher likelihood of being selected over video.

What is HUG?

HUG, co-founded by Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon, is a global community aimed at artists and art enthusiasts, offering unique opportunities for connection and collaboration. It stands out as a highly inclusive platform, hosting over 10,000 creators from more than 130 countries. The organization focuses on fueling creativity through discovery, opportunity, and education. HUG provides a range of services, from hosting international exhibitions to offering educational resources and support tailored for creators. Their commitment extends to fostering a diverse and inclusive arts ecosystem, which they playfully refer to as “the inclusiverse.” HUG invites both experts and newcomers to be part of this vibrant community, emphasizing warmth and connection, as suggested by their name. 

Find out more and submit before January 22nd, 2024 at www.hug100.art!