Pieces by Pieces - 5 Collage Artists Who Adopted the .ART to Show Their Work

Cut-and-paste, move around, reorient, overlay. Creating something new from many sources, some old, some more recent. Adding layers, pieces, superposing them, cutting again, editing, rethinking, dissecting to see new textures emerging, unique patterns and creating new narratives.
Feature image: collage by Hannah Hoch

Collage has been around for a long time – or at least some of the techniques. Collage, as we know it today, found its inception in early 1900 with the arrival of modernity. Picasso and Braque were among the first adopters. Then, of course, the Surrealist movement picked up things and brought them to a whole new level, with traditional collages and photo montage became a trendier means of artistic expression. Contemporary realism and Pop picked it up as well, and from there, it expanded in terms of surface, from canvas painting to wood, to 3D object and now digitally. Today, collage is still very much trending. This is why we are showcasing 5 .ART adopters who express their creativity through collages!

COLLAGE a piece of art that is created by combining various materials and elements together such as photographs, newspapers or magazines clippings, illustration, stickers and much more. It results in a piece assembled by glue, tape or other adhesive or digitally supported by paper, fabric, canvas, or as a file. This new piece is an assemblage that results in something new!


Multi-disciplinary visual artist Gregory Moncada uses many techniques, including screen printing, analog and digital collage, and projection mapping. In his own words, “ Works of art begin with curious exploration and a trust in intuition.”. His vision is bold, colourful and textured – vintage images are juxtaposed to today’s news – elevate or highlight by bright colours, assembled together geometrically or organically.

We love how captivating and complex his work is – every time you go back to a piece, you discover something that your eye hadn’t caught on before.

Look into his universe by visiting his website badpedestrian.art or following her on Instagram  @badpedestrian 



Olga’s pictorial language is inspired by the symbolism of Old Masters but representative of today’s life. Her work tells stories, provokes internal dialogue – as she manipulates images of contemporary advertisements – mostly brand publicity and consumer goods. Removing them from their original context, a new narrative is brought to life, acquiring new meaning in the process.   

We appreciate the almost whimsical world that she is recreating in her work. The size of the collages she creates also brings a fairly intimist art to a new level.   

Look into her universe by strolling through her website seemy.art or by glancing at her on Instagram @olga.ozerskaya 



[RAF REYES™] wears many hats – he is an artist, photographer, producer, content creator. Furthermore, he does a lot of collages – both analog and digital. Found randomly, his material consists of archives media that he discovers through social media and the internet from anonymous sources to which he tries to pieces together history. From there – they are taking on a new life, layers by layers adding meaning and mixing vintage images to today’s street art, text and hand drawing.  

We admire how deep and complex is the work of [RAF REYES™] – you can see not fully opaque layer build slowly, creating a visual momentum.  

To see it yourself, follow him on Instagram under @raf.reyes, or pay his website rafreyes.art a visit.    



Mixed Media Appropriation Artist Joaquin Salim is creating art from everyday life overlooked memorabilia, that decomposing pharmaceutical labels, newspaper, advertising cutout, mail packaging, old photography – all discarded materials which are taking on a new life. In his work, the artist doesn’t hesitate to take a plunge in controversial or sensitive conversation. If you look only at the surface, you will miss the bigger picture and a glimpse of the past – don’t overlook the power of his assemblage.    

We feel compelled by Joaquin’s assemblage from the past to tell today stories!   

His work can be appreciated on Instagram under the handle @joaquinsalim or his .ART website jsalim.art 



Italian born but London based, Noami Vona this artist describes herself as an “archival parasite, with no bad intentions.” Creating new meanings and stories from her material, be it photography, pens, paper, washi tape and stickers – her works alternate between vintage and contemporary.   

We love how she transforms snapshots from another era with today’s codification, altering the course of their tale, making them pop out of her imagination, her own stories and subconscious.   

Visit her website naomivona.art to discover more about her small collages and find her under @mariko_koda on Instagram. 


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