We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce this year’s winner! Cheer your cheers and bow your bows, because the Digital Innovation in Art Award has been officially handed to none other than: Talenthouse! We congratulate them on their dedication, their innovation and for bringing home an award that reflects a winning team and strategy. Talenthouse’s expedition to support artists through technology has inspired our jury, and mirrored the mission and concept of this award perfectly. 

After reviewing the 20 longlists nominees, and with in-depth conversation about the top 5 nominees, the jury members selected Talenthouse for their mission and their vision – democratizing creativity, providing artists with paid opportunity and giving back to the community with grants – putting their $$$ where their mouth is as the expression goes. 

Talenthouse Team after winning the Digital Innovation in Art Award 2022

Talenthouse’s projects ranged from fostering relationships between individuals or businesses in art, connecting people, developing authentication solutions, protocols, streaming art, and much more. It is precisely because of the hard work of such people, platforms, and companies, who have made it their mission to improve our accessibility and safety online, and who offer multi-faceted support for creatives in the art community, that the merging between Art x Tech has proved seamless. 

Clare McKeeve, CEO Talenthouse, visibly happy to take this price home

Our mission to democratise creativity gets stronger every day, and it is humbling and gratifying to be recognised for the work we do and to bring more opportunities to our talented community.
Winning the .arts ‘Digital Innovation in Arts Award’ at last week’s GP Bullhound Investor AllStars Awards is proof that Talenthouse are walking the walk, not not just talking the talk.
From London to Hanoi, Philadelphia to Mumbai, this award is a testament to the talent and vision of every single one of the 18+ million global Creatives who are a part of our growing Community. – Clare McKeeve, COE Talenthouse

The jury wants to thank all the individuals, projects and companies who entered the competition this year again. The level of creativity and desire to solve challenges has been inspiring, and they, as well as we, can’t wait to see where some of them will be in a year, two, five or ten! 

The DIIA award honours the innovators, entrepreneurs, and ingenious minds who join the best of the art industry with the best of tech, by using digital technologies to push the traditional boundaries of the art market. We are proud to have been part of this year’s 20th anniversary edition of the Investor AllStars DIIA, and to have witnessed a grand array of projects that prove the merging of Art x Tech prosperous. 


We are proud to be at the forefront of these innovations, and wish to extend a massive congratulations to our winner, Talenthouse! We can’t wait to see what next year brings – stay tuned!