Featured image: From “Raw Rotterdam” series by Alex Whelan. Alex Whelan captures the faces and narratives of homeless individuals in Rotterdam, humanizing their struggles and urging us to create a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Photography has been around for almost 200 years. The evolution through which the technical aspect of it has gone through is remarkable. From glass plate to metal one, from a whole lab following you in your wagon while you are trailing the world, photography is now a simple click away on our photo. What those images are depicting has remained to an extent the same. Fashion has evolved. Portraits of family or strangers, and landscapes far away and close by, the family’s pet, the brand-new car, the ravages of wars, the everyday life – all have been recorded through light. They are a record of memories, of the decisive moment as the well-known photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson coined. They are an analysis of truth and falsehood – of denial and concealment, of interpretation, of bringing in or keeping out – we are framing the moment on which we want to pause, capture. They are a story that the one behind the device wants to tell to the world. Here are 5 photographers who have adopted the .ART who have in common their medium but their own unique way of telling their visual stories.


Photography is the art of creating long-lasting images by recording light digitally or by analog means.



Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier is an adventurer, marine biologist, photographer, writer and motivational public speaker. A graduate in Biochemical Engineering in Marine Sciences, Cristina has devoted her career to the crucial intersection of marine life, biodiversity, and human cultures. Before her journey into photography, she contributed to fieldwork in the Gulf of California and the Yucatan Peninsula, diving deep into the world of marine mammals, fisheries, aquaculture, and conservation. Recognized as one of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery and a regular contributor to National Geographic, her work speaks volumes of her commitment to portraying the vibrant tapestry of life. Two of her most impactful endeavors are the International League of Conservation Photographers, which she founded in 2005, and SeaLegacy, which she co-founded with Paul Nicklen. Both organizations leverage the power of visual storytelling to spark change and action for conservation.


Ali Shokri is a passionate nature photographer and YouTuber, hailing from Iran, with a strong focus on the life of trees. He believes that each tree, like a human being, has a tale to tell, and when a tree dies, a whole story is interrupted, altering destinies for the worse. Ali feels a deep connection to the trees, seeing their bundled forms on trucks as a haunting reminder of our mistreatment. He believes that our disregard for nature gradually strips away our humanity, reducing the once vibrant foliage to ash and smoke. Ali’s dedication to capturing the beauty and significance of trees has led him to exhibit his work in individual and group exhibitions. He has also been honored as a TED speaker, sharing his insights into the life of trees, and published a book called “The Passion of Trees” through Matador England UK. With his Canon camera, Ali captures the clarity and essence of his subjects, inviting viewers to connect with nature on a profound level.


With a passion for portraiture and fashion photography, Stephanie Dinsdale as a “je ne sais quoi” which bring a refreshing and categorical directness to her work. Her work crave the connection – to engage the viewer. The gaze of the people in her photographs isn’t shy to stare back at the lens. With pastel color palettes, a little pop, a little grunge at time, her feminine aesthetic feature personality and create genuine portraits and depiction from the ones – from all walks of life – who are the feature in her work.  


Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, freelance photojournalist Jon Imanol Reino Reñón isn’t afraid of going where the action is. As Robert Capa once mentioned, “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” – this is certainly not the case with Reino Reñón. His focus – the relationship between the world, the connection between object and subject, informs his art. From still photo, behind the scene, sports events, political manifestations, portraits, the social is at the forefront, the humankind is what the work is all about.   


Based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, global photographer Alex Whelan explores the world and sends back to us moments now fix in time. His visual depictions are centred on exploring, connecting and creating. His ambition – quite obvious and straightforward but telling – is to tell stories through visuals. His approach, which is between street photography and documentary, focuses on the character and space, depicting the every day of anonymous humans. His images are breathtaking – a glimpse of joy on tiny humans or atmospherical landscape – nobody can stay cold when your eye encounters his photography.

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