On the cover of today’s blog is an artwork entitled “Just before exploding” by Cibarius, an Italian digital artist and an electronic music producer whose domain was registered last year. Much of Cibarius’ creative production in 3D involves the use of blender and photoshop: he manages to give a style to his works that acts as a connector between ancient aesthetics and contemporary themes. 

It’s been a great week for generic domain sales: names such as SURREAL.ART, HABITAT.ART and many other were snatched off the market. ANNE.ART was sold too, making it one less first name avaliable on .ART! 

The artistic community is thrilled to see Chris batista join with CHRISBATISTA.ART. Batista is an NYC-based comic book artist, known for his work on a number of titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including Steel, Spaceknights and Thunderbolts. 

Meanwhile artist John Cross, who creates from a studio in the Hawaiian Island of Oahu has opted for our free website builder to set up a vibrant portfolio in just a few clicks on JOHNCROSS.ART