Redefining Virtual and Augmented Reality is no easy feat, but OSCILLATIONS are en-route to knocking it out of the park. OSCILLATIONS is an OTT brand working in the top passion verticals on social media (dance, sport, fashion, makeup, graphic/visual arts), and their mission and passion is to revolutionize how artists move and perform. 


OSCILLATIONS has built a global network of 150 artists and creatives in dance, movement, circus arts, art & illusion makeup, wearable art, art photography, digital art & motion graphics, puppetry, illustration, and other forms. These artists are at the top of their craft — a quick glance over their social media and website will prove this.  

The company provides their global network of artists and scientists expertise and access to innovative technologies to make sure that artists have a voice in guiding the development of these new creative technologies and a means to earn a living — essentially, ticking all the boxes. 

“OSCILLATIONS creates art with frontier creative technologies in partnership with major tech companies, new startups, and major research universities. We believe that the artist’s voice is an important countervailing to the influences of marketing and singularly-focused profit-driven enterprises. We’re working to empower artists with the tools and resources to guide the development of new creative technologies.  

There has never been an opportunity like there is today to give artists a seat at the table in the development of new creative technologies, like virtual and augmented reality and brain-computer interfaces. In the digital media landscape, attention is a highly valued asset. The world’s most talented creators are becoming extremely adept at leveraging attention economics to achieve global renown and a degree of financial stability that artists throughout history have scarcely been able to imagine. New technologies always face adoption and marketing challenges, and today’s creators are especially well-positioned to address these challenges. OSCILLATIONS is working to build new pathways between tech companies, universities, creators, and creators’ audiences to ensure that artists are both developers of and stakeholders in the technologies and platforms of the future.”

– Brendan Lewis, Creative Director 

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Later this year, OSCILLATIONS will begin a seed raise in order to transition from their current B2B business model to a D2C OTT digital media business model. We have no doubts that OSCILLATION’s determination to grow and to build a platform where its artists and academics can grow their careers and guide the creative development of new technologies will succeed.