Featured image: Matt Chinworth

It’s been a great week for generic domains: ECLIPSE.ART, METROPOLITAN.ART, VINTAGE.ART and the astonishing SKY.ART all found their owners. Some more first names have been snatched too, including JOSE.ART. 

More and more domains relate to ecology are being sold, which feels hopeful: if we can learn to see the environmental effort as an art form, not all is lost. This week, CLEANENERGY.ART, EFFICIENTENERGY.ART, ENERGYEFFICIENT.ART and GAIA.ART were purchased. 

With the world holding its breath for the Handmain’s Tale season 6 release, the sale of HANDMAID.ART is both exciting and a little creepy, like everything related to Margaret Attwood’s masterpiece and its TV adaptation. 

We can also feel the holidays approaching: SNOWFLAKES.ART will hopefully inspire use to see beauty in the smallest of things. 

Last but not least, NASA.ART is starting its journey as a website. Can’t wait to see what it will host.