It’s been quite a week for .ART domains sales! 

Generic domain sales have included such names as RAP.ART, WORD.ART, LETTER.ART, QUOTE.ART, as well as the eve so cool AWESOME.ART. It also seems like the AI craze is finding its way into the domain investors’ minds: several domains including AITECH.ART, AIPRINT.ART and AIGLOBAL.ART were swept off the market by independent registrants. 

The .ART artistic community is brimming with newcomers including Joey Cook, an American singer-songwriter and a finalist of American Idol and Jim Cooper, a New Zealand ceramic artist whose list of awards could leave Damien Hirst full of doubt. Cooper won the McSkimming Award in 1984 and in was a finalist in the New Ceramics and Glass Awards in 1996. He won first place in the Norsewear Art Awards in 2006 for his work Snowy from Cavy. He was named joint winner of the Portage Ceramic Awards in 2009 and was awarded the Premier Award in 2012 for his 30-piece installation Millbrook Holiday (the League for Spiritual Discovery).

Meanwhile Banksy is back on .ART, or maybe not. It remains to be seen what will come alive on BANKSY.ART but we certainly hope it will be done in full agreement with the artist and his agents. 

In a historical turn of events, Turkey had its request to change the preferred spelling for the name of the country granted by the US government and NATO. As the representatives said, “We will begin to refer to Turkiye and Republic of Turkiye accordingly in most formal, diplomatic, and bilateral contexts, including in public communications.” And since the domain market often reflects the latest global trends, TURKIYE.ART was purchased a few days later. 

.ART among top gTLDs for European online shops

It’s not just Amazon that’s using .ART to redirect to their arts&crafts section: a recent article by the InterNetX shows .ART among the favourite domains chosen by European online shops with 1,5% of this sales sector.