Animals too Are Unique: Focus on 5 Artists who Devote their Talent to that

Animal. They are the object of our fascination from a young age. They have been an undeniable inspiration of artists for centuries from the Lascaux painting to contemporary artists.  

.ART adopters have been enchanted and visually stimulated to put their talent to showcase the beauty, presence, gravitas of these living entities that belong to the global fauna. We showcase here 5 artists who showcase their love & passion to animals and are devoted to making them shine no matter if they are family members or wild creatures.  

Animal: living organisms that feed on organic matter, typically having specialised sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.


Her animal portraits are joyful and authentic, the love and care she puts into there are evident – she creates with her heart and soul to fix in time the essence of the animal that is her inspiration. For more than 18 years, this passionate animal lover who is also a qualified veterinary nurse and holds an honours degree in fine art captures the characters and the likeness of many furry family members. 

Look into her universe by strolling through her website or by glancing at her on Instagram @merielburdenanimalart 


Recognised internationally for his photography, not many have photographed so many animals than Randal Ford. Award-winning artist, his photographs have been on many covers, published as books and are collected across the globe. “Randal Ford believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He is obsessed with details, creative collaboration, and chasing a timeless aesthetic”. In front of his lens, the animals reveal their characters as well as highlight their most prized characteristics.  

You can explore his photography on Instagram or look at his work here 


It is from a young age that this artist started her journey depicting the animal kingdom. Her passion and talent grew with the years as much as her genuine interest & passion for the subject she represents. It is their anatomy and behaviour that enhance and direct the way she will create – “my oil paintings there seem to be areas of painterly excitement and others, which I approached in a more gentle manner. My watercolours on the other hand require a very soft and patient attitude since they involve a lot of thin and delicate layers.” 

The work of Kramer’ can be appreciated on Instagram under @carinakramer_artist and on 


Nobody can’t feel compelled by the work of Angela Tannehill-Caldwell. Her soft sculpture highlights the vulnerability of the creatures they bring to light while her 2D work makes them feel strong and powerful. She has harvested her talent to give a voice to the animal realm, and it is with brio that she does it. Born of curiosity and wonder, she combines elements of which emerged stories that are many folds.  

You can discover more about her practice on her website at or by looking at her work on Instagram under @dzynrgrl 


This versatile pet and wildlife artists will capture the essence of the creature she sets her eyes on. Digitally or with traditional mediums such as pastels, watercolours, and ink pencil, she will put her talent to create a detailed animal portrait that can only be put in context with a background or focus the gaze on the subject.   

To see it yourself, follow her on Instagram under, or pay her website a visit.    


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