One sure thing is that as marvellous the challenges brought by 2021 were, there were also an impressive number of things to be grateful for! One thing that we feel blessed by at .ART is our adopters who recognize and want to harvest their creative potential and the practical choice that we are.

So as the year is in its last miles, we want to highlight some noteworthy adopters that joined our community in 2021!

Assembly.ART Assembly was created in response to the need to more expansively support and amplify diverse voices working in photography, mixed-media, video, and sound. By bringing together elements of a gallery, agency, creative studio, and art advisory, Assembly aims to holistically nurture artists and their practice while cultivating opportunities and collaborations with a global network of creatives, in both the fine art and commercial worlds. 

All.ARTThe All-Art protocol provides constant liquidity for NFTs by introducing a new type of liquidity pool AMMs, while upgrading the current NFT standard with improved functionalities and embedded license rights called NFT-PRO. They won 2nd place in Solana blockchain largest hackathon in 2021 and are aiming to provide the art market with much-needed solutions including copyright and licensing of the NFT artworks. 

a\TERHEN.ARTAccording to the website, a\TERHEN NFT art market offers new models for the cultural economy, being accessible to all and providing high-quality, affordable artworks. With digital limited editions, artists, cultural actors and institutions can find new revenue streams and space for community engagement. 

Burn.ARTLaunched by the renowned digital artist Pak, allows users to burn NFTs to receive ashes ($ASH – Pak’s token) in return. Similar to the physical world, burning a token on the blockchain results in it being removed from circulation, i.e. destroying the NFT permanently.  Playing with the lack of boundaries and the fluid nature of the virtual space, Pak recreates the cycle of life, inviting people to “Burn art to get ashes to get art to burn art.”  
How .ART Domains Are Taking Artists Online Read More How to register a business email on .ART Read More Portfolio on .ART: How to showcase your creative work in 4 simple steps Read More is finding new ways to push the boundaries further with their AI Art Fair – they are making history and seizing the opportunity to shape the art world of the future. Their pioneering approach highlights the possibilities of digital and virtual artists, creating a vision that challenges the very nature of art. AI is creating new opportunities in many domains, but its application in the arts bring unprecedented possibilities to create new forms, experience, and art.  

kornea.ARTYou have On-Demand almost for everything from food delivery to grocery and tv, movies – so why art should stay behind? This is where KORNEA is rising to the challenge with its platform dedicated to visual arts. Their experience is immersive for the users and contributes to the creative economy by creating an additional source of revenue for artists.  

Kovet.ART is an art gallery dedicated to democratizing the art world. With their help, you will find art by rising stars and supporting the artists. Art is for everyone to enjoy, and you can be sure that you invest in something that you love while also contributing to support artists. You can also feel sound about the investment as kovet.ART is built on great foundations with technological innovators and market experts.   

manizha.ARTManizha is a Russian-Tajik singer and songwriter who recently made headlines representing Russia in the 2021 Eurovision with a feminist hymn to the women of Russia and beyond. She also uses her notoriety to make some good by being a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her style is genre-busting, and she draws from what inspires her as well as her roots. 

If we missed you in this review, please send us an email us including a representative photo and a short description. We will make sure to end 2021 on a good note for you!

Once again, from .ART Team, the best at this end of another strange year, and what does the saying says? Years follow one another but don’t look the same – we can only cheer to that!