.ART in China: Zhang Jin exhibition opening in Beijing

.ART founder Ulvi Kasimov and his team take part in the opening of Zhang Jin solo exhibition at the Riverside Museum of Art in Beijing.

Back in 2018 .ART obtained government permits to operate in China and formed a partnership with Alibaba Cloud. Success didn’t take long: China is now the biggest .ART market in terms of sales. The team is visiting Beijing to continue the dialogue with Chinese art institutions, businesses and registrars.

The opening ceremony of the long-awaited solo exhibition by prominent contemporary Chinese painter Zhang Jin (张进), sponsored by .ART, was held on July 7th at the Riverside Museum of Art in Beijing (山水美术馆).  It is titled “Artless Art” and features a collection of works by Zhang Jin, whose paintings recently broke auction records all over China. The artist was presented with his own domain: hopefully his works will soon be widely available for viewing at jin.art

Zhang Jin was born in 1958 in Beijing. Often praised as one of the pioneers of Chinese contemporary ink, he is known for his avant-garde, minimalist and freehand style, putting forward Chinese ink on an international stage. His works demonstrate the perfect combination of ‘traditionalism’ and ‘modernism’, deeply rooted in traditional Chinese art and culture, yet speaking the language of contemporary expressionism at the same time.

.ART founder Ulvi Kasimov delivered a presentation on the latest innovative .ART product Digital Twin, which was followed by “Art and Digital Future” panel discussion. Over fifty local press representatives were in attendance, as well as government officials and the business circle.

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