Don’t Just Take Our Word For it: .art Domains in Quotes From Our Adopters

This week .art turns three and we’re celebrating!

In the words of the wonderful Oprah, “the more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”. Since we’re celebrating our three-year anniversary this week, we thought that now, more than ever, is the time to share the best feedback we’ve received from our wonderful .art adopters.

Community is at the heart of what we do at .art, and we sure have had some great conversations with our members. Head on over to the #interview section to pick your inspirational story of the day.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a collection of quotes from our adopters summing up their opinions on digital presence and the role that .art domains play in the digital community.

I like the idea of hosting my own content instead of giving the large corporations like Instagram and Facebook more power.

Caleb Madrigal, Hacker-turned-programmer and owner of

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Essentially, .art has provided half the marketing for us. You’re like the readymade, but for online identities.

Clynton Lowry, founder of

Find out how Clynton started this platform

Online presence is incredibly important and an up-to-date website (artists, I am talking to you!) is totally crucial to have.

Marie-Eve Lafontaine, independent curator and advisor,

What is the biggest fear of a modern curator?

.art is a global community, switching to this domain zone is a no-brainer for the whole worldwide art scene.

Gijs Stork, founder of

Learn about Dutch cultural identity in the context of art

.art allows us to participate in a community, and for us, that’s the most important thing.

Vicente Matallana, director of LaAgencia

SKALAR light installation by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray

What’s new in the new media art?

For now, my website is my online gallery and I’m so pleased to have an international audience. .art is just perfect for me.

Pink May Khen, artist,

Israeli soldier turned artist tells her story 

In order to to be open to the global network, an institution should have visible international presence, of which digital is an important component.

Alexander Burenkov, gallery curator,

Once Curator of the Year, always Curator of the Year 

A website is a way of keeping things clean, of having an escape for a conscience pool of images. It might seem old-school in the age of social media, but I think a website is a great instrument that lets you have a clean gallery of your own making, online.

Yulia Lebedeva, photographer,

Behind the scenes of an Annie Leibovitz internship 

It is descriptive and short. At the same time, one can quickly identify the respective genre and its contents. It’s immediately clear that any website within this domain zone is related to art, so the viewer has a clear understanding what works they’ll find within it. I think a .ART domain is the perfect solution to display art related content on the web.

Christopher Bauder, artist,

Explore the art of light installations