Behind the domain: PINKMAY.ART

Ever looked at a website address and wondered what could possibly be behind it? That’s exactly the story with

Image above: ‘Love it or Leave it’ by Pink May

Israeli-born Pink May Khen served as a soldier in the Israeli army and left for Spain with nothing but a suitcase and her dog to become an artist. Her unique paintings are full of vibrant colours and are created in an emotional and intuitive process; she documents this process in videos that are hugely popular on social media. May’s works have been exhibited all around the world, including Art Basel in Miami, Florida and Artexpo in New York. Here, she explains the story behind

Ever since I turned 15, my best friend and I began making videos. When I was 18, I joined the Israel Defense Force and worked in the Spokesperson unit as a video editor for two years. After the army, I started  working as a freelance video editor. I was doing what I liked and was good at it. Still, there was a void.

Only after leaving everything I knew behind and moving to Madrid with nothing but a suitcase and my dog did I truly know that I found that ‘missing part’ of me. Oh, Spain; my relationship with Madrid is a true love story. I love this city so much – the people are so warm and so nice and the streets are brimming with art. It is hard to live in a city like Madrid and not want to become a part of the party – to become an artist. 

“Ribak” by Pink May

I began my artistic career when I came back from my morning walk with oil colours and a canvas. I painted my first painting in Madrid and I sold my first painting in Madrid. I believe I have developed my own unique style because my friends tell me they can easily tell what artworks are mine without having to check. Supporting myself financially is the greatest challenge I have to face every day. I truly can’t wait for my first exhibition in Spain – and I believe (I hope!) this will happen soon. 

For now, my website is my online gallery and I’m so pleased to have an international audience. .ART is just perfect for me.  

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