Prince’s artistic input into the world is dictated by the desire to create art that can act as a tool for mediation between people, emotions, and wonder. Seeking to humanise the relationship connecting people to technology, the studio’s atmosphere is filled with gratitude and collaboration; conversations and engagement are vital ingredients. However, his journey started far from art, with several years instead devoted to medicine, technology and science. From each field, he gained valuable knowledge which today drives his artistic practice. This 20 year journey has given him the time to analyse and reflect, pushing further his understanding of the interaction between human and art, the dichotomy of inside versus outside, as well as how art can mimic the beauty of humankind’s imperfection.

Many of Prince’s sculptures have reflective surfaces. These are pieced together, one by one, in a similar fashion that a person may piece together an experience, scar, break, or tear during the pursuit of becoming who they are. This precise, imperfect human beauty can be seen echoed throughout the artist’s breadth of work. Alongside this is the ever present idea that the world is reflecting back at you, allowing for the light and the spectator to activate the work. In this shift of perception, what at first appears geometrically perfect from the outside also reflects the internal chaos that has been ordered.

The relationships and dualities highlighted within his works are as complex as the ones taking place in real life. No pieces are cast or ever repeated, not even the minor details. Each part of the puzzle is assembled from the artist’s hands; never striving for perfection but instead for progress and precision. There is a reverberation of thoughts that have been considered at length in order to create optimal impact.

In a similar vein, elements of the natural world always seem to subtly make their way through the work of Jonathan Prince Studio. A piece might reveal calculated precision, representing an exact topographic ratio, for example. This is also why the studio possesses a deep interest in making sustainable sculptures. Through recycling and reusing, giving a new life to a steel pipe, or even assembling leftover or discarded pieces similarly to Kintsugi and welding them together, the studio’s pieces often capture both the tears and beauty found within sustainable sculpting.

There is a genuine love for art, experimentation, and connection at the core of Jonathan Prince’s metier. All pieces reflect or echo the intricacies of a material that has been pushed to its breaking point in order to best explore and reinvent what can be done with it. This inventive framework has resulted in the studio to remain flexible and open in sharing its passion for art. For this reason, it is also why Jonathan Prince Studios has elected to have a .ART domain:

“For someone to appreciate or love a work of art, it first has to be seen and .ART is quickly becoming the place that allows people to cut through the clutter of the ever expanding global art world. “ – Jonathan Prince

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To learn more about his practice and current projects, visit or follow him on all social media platforms at @jonathanprincesculpture. If this doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, please join Jonathan in conversation with Stephanie Manasseh in the upcoming Masterclass ‘’The Making of A Monumental Commission‘’ airing live on June 3, 2021, at 4 pm CET

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