Whether you were just curious or doing a crossword puzzle (yes, this is true and how one of the most searched terms came about this week!), we are looking into the top 3 trends related to art this week.

Mobile Legend is making a comeback with Joker Art Mod…
Originally launched in the summer of 2016, it has resurfaced as people are increasingly looking at videos of ‘Joker art mod ml 1.5.88 apk free download latest version 2021.‘ So, for the ones of us that aren’t gamers, what is Mobile Legends? It is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena developed and published by Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance. And to take a deeper dive into this universe, you might still be puzzled by what this new Joker Art? We contribute to the trends and Google it to find you some answers. Joker Art is a packet that you can add to the games, and that enables you to enjoy many (new? augmented?) tools like skins, server change, drone view, 1-hit, unlimited gold and more.
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Google doodle honours Pedro Linares Lopez and gets top searches
We all have, at one point or another, google the google doodle of the day. Maybe we were in a different country and didn’t grasp the cultural reference, or this one was unknown to us. No matter why this is trending, we are happy as it highlights the art of Pedro Linares Lopez, an artist who would be celebrating his 115 birthday today. Linares Lopez is well known to have created Alebrijes which became the traditional folk art and a synonym of Pedro’s art. This art form, complex in its patterns and highly colourful, features animals, objects, humans and imaginary creatures. This style came to the artist after a series of dreams while he was sick. The created represented are believed to be “spiritual guides” in the afterlife. Closely three decades after the artist’s passing, his family still created these cherished sculptures by art lovers and once bought by one favourite Mexican power art couple, Frida and Diego!

Need help with your crossword puzzle? Google it!
While we are still puzzled (yes, what a good dad joke) about where was this crossword published, we know that many people in the USA, Canada and the UK were interested in it and that martial art is still an art that isn’t widely known. From Karaté Kids, Jackie Chan movies, we learned a lot, but not the answer to what was the first name of the first true mix martial art! So if you know more about this one, hit our Instagram DMs!

This is all for this week Google trend. Let us know your thoughts and what you are searching for this week!