Presented by .ART in partnership with Investor Allstars, and hosted at the globally acclaimed event, the ‘Oscars of the tech world’; the award ceremony of Digital Innovation in Art Award on October 19th at the HERE at Outernet, London, promises to be a riveting ceremony celebrating initiatives redefining the industry’s future.

We owe tremendous thanks to our jury panel for their hard work in determining the finalists, as all the applicants were impressive and the competition was intense. Our gratitude extends to every visionary who submitted their applications. Along with the award ceremony, we look forward to announcing special jury mentions and more, adding to the recognition of the visionaries who intertwine art, technology, and innovation.

Meet the Finalists (in alphabetical order)

ARTIVIVE (Austria)

Artivive is steering a revolutionary movement where augmented reality meets art, creating a vibrant nexus for over 250,000 artists, creatives, and brands around the world. Through its app, traditional art pieces transform into dynamic, interactive experiences, inviting users to delve deeper into the stories that paintings and sculptures tell when viewed through a smartphone, vastly expanding the potential of artistic expression.

With a significant footprint, reflected in its four million app installations globally, Artivive is more than a project; it is a transformative force in the art world. It ensures a secure environment, upholding the privacy and security of its users, thus fostering a realm where creators can explore without reservations.

Artivive’s influence is evidenced in its partnerships with renowned institutions such as the Albertina Museum, Leopold Museum, and Belvedere Museum in Vienna, which attest to the groundbreaking value it brings to the art industry. By transforming static artworks into vibrant narratives, Artivive is not just enhancing the museum experience but redefining it, inviting a deeper, richer engagement with art.

As it sets sights on the future, Artivive aims to remain at the forefront of the creative AR space, empowering artists and audience alike, to unlock unparalleled storytelling and immersive experiences, reshaping how we interact with art, and crafting a future where art is a dynamic narrative, encouraging a fresh, exhilarating exploration of the artistic landscape.

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Moyosa Media BV (Netherlands)

Netherlands-based Moyosa Media BV has created Moyosa Spaces, a responsive digital gallery accessible through various browsers. Born during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate seamless virtual outreach, it combines high-resolution imagery and optimized 3D UX/UI design, offering a unique and accessible platform for all age groups.

With over 100 projects sold in 2.5 years and a Webby award under its belt, the platform has demonstrated its appeal to clients in both the cultural and commercial sectors. Some significant collaborations include those with the National Gallery London and Microsoft.

As they move forward, the team is focused on nurturing long-term client relationships and is gearing up for 17 gallery projects in 2023/2024. Additionally, Moyosa is actively exploring the potential of AI with Unreal Engine to further enhance visual development. The embedded security in Spaces allows easy and secure integration into any website, ensuring clients retain full control over their site security. The endeavor is on a steady path of innovation, aiming to redefine the digital experience landscape.

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Prome AI (Hong Kong)

PromeAI, a startup with a backdrop in AI endeavors such as and, is transforming the construction and design industries through artificial intelligence. The venture introduces advanced machine-learning algorithms that facilitate a seamless translation of sketches into detailed images, eliminating extensive manual editing and offering an intuitive platform for artists and designers.

The project, guided by user feedback, emphasizes data security, using AWS cloud servers and encryption to safeguard user data while enhancing user interaction through continuous feature integrations. Early adopters, including esteemed architects and interior designers, commend the platform’s speed and efficiency, noting a shift of focus from technical aspects to creative exploration.

Looking ahead, PromeAI, based in Hong Kong, aims to push the AI envelope further, eyeing integrations with various mediums like 3D, video, and voice to offer a more immersive user experience. The grand vision harbors the creation of an AI supermodel to redefine the fashion industry, standing as a testimony to PromeAI’s commitment to innovative solutions in the art and tech realms.

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Stability AI (UK)

UK-based Stability AI, founded in 2019, is pioneering in the open-source generative AI sector, aiming to unleash global human creativity through innovative AI technologies. Leveraging a robust open-source community of over 200,000 members and partnerships with giants like Amazon Web Services, the company has crafted groundbreaking products such as the DreamStudio platform and the text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion.

With a growth accelerated by a $101 million Series A funding and a $1 billion valuation, Stability AI, backed by the Ezra-1 UltraCluster, has powered top apps on the Apple App Store and amassed over 40 million users. Stability AI focuses on democratizing AI technology, enhancing security features, and nurturing creativity globally.

As it prepares to go public, Stability AI aims to foster more partnerships and expand its global footprint, seeking to turn users worldwide from consumers into creators, driven by the mantra “AI by the people, for the people”. The ultimate goal is to usher in a future where AI serves as a catalyst for innovation and creativity in various industries.

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Well of Art (Poland)

Well of Art, founded by painter Robert Latoś, is revolutionizing art education in schools and museums through its pioneering digital tools. Its standout product is the Glaze software, which realistically simulates the oil painting process based on heritage-based painting techniques, providing a rich, interactive learning environment through the Glaze App for K-12 education.

The initiative has garnered substantial backing, including a 45% co-funding from the Smart Growth programme of the EU, and has built a favorable reputation with a successful soft launch in 2022, gaining the support of renowned institutions like Colnaghi gallery and prestigious Polish museums.

Well of Art’s strategic trajectory aims for a significant global footprint in the education sector by 2028, leveraging a secure tech infrastructure and planning expansions including machine-learning tools and art-based games to enhance the user experience. Through Glaze’s innovative approach, the company is nurturing a new generation of art enthusiasts, fostering creativity and strategic thinking while bringing historic art techniques to the digital age.

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Stay tuned as we approach the ceremony where one of the above will be crowned the spearhead of digital innovation in the art realm for 2023. Let us come together to applaud the art visionaries who are crafting tomorrow’s global leaders. Thank you to everyone who embarked on this journey with us, and here’s to the vibrant future of art and technology!