Is Kourtney out of the market – for good this time?

Probably unpleased with her sister overshadowing her, once again shall we mention, it is Kourtney that is trending this week. And not because she was on a tv show but because she got engaged! As Kardashian Instagram post hints, she and her beau, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, will Forever. Details about the proposal? Not much, except that what seems like a regular visit to the beach turned into a thousand roses and candles maze, creating a magical moment for the event to take place! We can’t wait to hear more about it!


Fall brings back its lots of TV shows, and this year is no exception!

A third season of the highly expected YOU was released on Netflix earlier last week; it isn’t the series that everybody is talking about! Have you heard of Succession? In this new season of HBO hit series, the protagonists seem to be right at home in the heart of the crisis – but will it stay like that? As someone said in the show, “This is the full Baskin-Robbins—31 flavours of fuck”, and we can’t wait to see how this season will unravel! Have you watched it? What is your impression of it?
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Goodbye Ronnie Tutt

Last Saturday was an ordinary day for many, but not for Elvis Prestley Fans. The king’s previous drummer Ronnie Tutt, who would be on his side from 1969 till Elvis’s death, passed away at age 83. Tutt has a long career in the music industry, spanned over six decades and included working with Billy Joel, Neil Diamond and Jerry Garcia, amongst others. We can only hope that if there is a magical island on which Elvis is living that Tutt will join him and that they will make music together once again! All our deepest sympathies to the family.