The art world is undergoing a profound transformation, mirroring the technological advancements that surround us. This moment underscored the burgeoning union between art and technology, illustrating the vast potential and value in this digital renaissance. At the heart of this revolution is .ART, facilitating a seamless fusion of your artistic domain with the expansive universe of Web3—all without the burden of transaction (gas) fees. This latest feature is not just a leap towards modernization; it’s a strategic enhancement of your .ART domain’s functionality and worth, completely on the house. 

Here’s how to make your .ART domain a bridge between your creative work and Web3. 

How to link your .ART domain to a crypto wallet

  1. Log into Your Domain Registrar: Access the DNS settings where your .ART domain is managed. Select the option to add or manage a TXT record. 
  2. Update with a Simple TXT Record: Add a new TXT record in this format (must be exactly as noted, including spaces and no spaces. Enter wallet addresses without the <  >):  

Host / Value: 

Here are instructions for how to add a TXT record at some top registrars. Check instructions at your registrar if it is not listed here: 

  • Add a TXT Record at 
  • Add a TXT Record at GoDaddy (for an Ethereum wallet you can use GoDaddy’s DNSSEC/Crypto Wallet option in DNS settings. For other coins use the format above and follow these instructions to add a TXT record. 
  • Add a TXT Record at Namecheap 
  • Add a TXT Record at Porkbun 

3. Dual Functionality Unlocked: Your .ART domain now does double duty – as a standard web address and email identifier, and as a direct link to your crypto wallet or IPFS content* in the Web3 world. 

Advanced Web3 options

Connecting your wallet to a .ART subdomain or IPFS content

You can also connect a wallet to a subdomain of your .ART name. For example, if your domain is MYNAME.ART and you want to connect an Ethereum Wallet to the subdomain WALLET.MYNAME.ART you would follow the same formats as above but use the subdomain as the HOST instead of @: 

Why link to IPFS?

Linking creative works to IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) offers creatives a robust solution for preserving, accessing, and distributing their digital content securely and efficiently. By leveraging IPFS’s decentralized network, artists can ensure their work remains permanent and resistant to censorship, allowing for free expression worldwide. This system not only speeds up content retrieval by sourcing from the nearest node but also ensures each piece’s provenance and authenticity through unique cryptographic hashing. Furthermore, IPFS presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional cloud storage, reducing expenses for storing large files like high-resolution images and videos. It also facilitates easier collaboration and sharing, making it an ideal platform for creatives to manage their portfolios and engage with a global audience, thereby securing their digital legacy in an open, accessible ecosystem. 

In the digital art space, IPFS has become a cornerstone for the creation, sale, and distribution of NFTs. Artists can store their digital artworks on IPFS, ensuring that they remain permanently available and unalterable. When an artwork is sold as an NFT, the token often includes a link to the IPFS content, guaranteeing that the buyer can access the original work without relying on a single server or company. 

IPFS is transforming how digital content is stored and shared, promoting a more open, efficient, and resilient internet. For the art world, it provides a robust foundation for ensuring the longevity and integrity of digital creations.