.ART offering special terms for non-profits, trademark owners and a range of creatives

In our age of corporate instability, it might be hard for non-profit organisations and creatives to commit to certain digital instruments and subscriptions, as they always run the risk of a price increase. We at .ART wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our community, and it’s our primary task to expand it.

.ART has been dedicated to the “right name to the right hands” principle from its launch. Its pricing model is based on a big data algorithm, which was used to determine all words and word combinations that are valuable to the art community.  With corresponding pricing tiers, they were made affordable for the primary market, while being protected from cyber squatters and bulk domain investors by a price barrier. At the same time, our special terms are there to encourage new members to join the .ART community.

We have a few offers that guarantee a fixed long-term price on .ART domains, which means that you can tick off digital presence of your to-do list and get creating. These have been available for a while, but Christmas rush seems to be an appropriate time for a reminder.

  • .ART offers free domain names at a price of renewal. This means: even if your preferred domain name is in the top pricing tear, it will only cost approximately 30$ a year to renew once you own it.
  • Any non-profit organization, trademark owner or a creative who uses their name as a brand name can approach .ART to get a special fixed price offer to purchase its corresponding domain. It will cost 300$ for a premium name (even if it is originally priced at 1000$) or 81$ for a standard name, including – in both cases – a free domain name and a 10 year (!) renewal package. This means: your name will only cost you between 9$ and 30$ a year, charged as a one-off payment.

Treat yourself to a worry-free domain purchase or get it as a present for a fellow creative!

Learn more about our special conditions and offers here

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.ART Team
.ART Team
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