.ART participates at an inaugural symposium to discuss monetization and value in the art world

Panel at Central Saint Martins explores new ecosystems and business models for art offered by new technologies

On the 30th of November, an inaugural symposium marked the launch of Credit, a new project designed to investigate and mitigate the intensifying commercial and economic pressures faced by emerging galleries and arts organizations. The Symposium took place at the Central Saint Martins College in London.

A representative from .ART participated as part of the panel titled Promises and Realities of Digital Technologies. The speakers explored new models of art-making and business that may arise in light of the fourth industrial revolution. .ART shared information about a new product it is developing titled the Digital Twin.

Other panelists included Tsila Hassine, Founder of Shmoogle.world, artist Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Samuel Capps, Director of Gossamer Fog gallery, Beryl Graham, lecturer and Co-Founder of crumbweb.org, and Pita Arreola with Elliott Burns, Founders of Off Site Project. Dr Lee Weinberg, lecturer and interdisciplinary curator, chaired the discussion.

Credit is a collaboration between Modern Forms, a contemporary art collection and editorial platform and Central Saint Martins Art and Culture & Enterprise Programmes. The project also received the support of both Art Review and Kingston University

Credit’s second event will be a day-long series of talks and workshops as part of SALE a Central Saint Martins event held at Tate Exchange – at the Blavatnik Building.

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