Introducing the first edition of the .ART Odyssey Magazine – centred around the theme of Future – our latest initiative to offer a panoramic view into the ever-evolving world of art and technology. The brainchild of Ulvi Kasimov, the Founder of .ART Registry, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill art magazine. It’s a deeply thought-out project that tackles topics like ART & THE FUTURE, ART THERAPY, and art world SURVIVAL TACTICS, aiming to offer a rounded look into the challenges and opportunities that artists, creatives, and tech-entrepreneurs face in the contemporary scene.

Exclusive content of Odyssey Magazine

If you’ve ever wondered what’s on the mind of art critic Jerry Saltz or how TED speaker Phil Hansen views the transformative power of limitations, then this is your chance to get those answers. We have exclusive interviews and articles that provide a wealth of insights and practical advice. Beyond these thought leaders, the magazine also explores a wide range of subjects such as the role of AI in creative industries, the nuances of art therapy, and even the intersection of art and parenthood. This inaugural edition aims to be a meeting point for a diverse community of artists, collectors, and technologists.

The ART & THE FUTURE section of the .ART Odyssey magazine features some fascinating features, including an interview with the founder of Snark Art Agency ( and OG.ART platform, Andy Alekhin.

What You’ll Get

  • Interviews with industry leaders like Jerry Saltz and Martha Fiennes.
  • Exploration of cutting-edge topics: NFTs, AI in art, and more.
  • Practical tips: grant writing, artist website essentials, and fundraising.

Content Highlights

  • NFTs & Rockstars: Interview with Snark Art Agency
  • Embracing Limitations and Loss with Phil Hansen
  • Museums as Public Health Assets with Helen Chatterjee
  • Live from Odessa: Interview with Artist Stepan Ryabchenko
  • From Da Vinci to Digital, Interview with Robert Norton
  • Steering Ahead of Art and Time: Interview with Nicolai Bohn
  • The Art of Movement: Interview with Dancer Fanny Sage
  • Jerry Saltz on Art, Criticism, and Dating
  • Free to create: Interview with the Council of Europe
  • All you Should Know About Grant Writing
  • How to Raise Money for Your Creative Projects
  • What Makes a Good Artist Website
  • Reflecting on Art & Parenthood with artist Davida Nemeroff

.ART Odyssey Magazine also includes a section dedicated to featuring work and stories of the .ART community in all their versatility

How to get your .ART Odyssey Magazine

While the magazine brings this community together in print, its reach is both tactile and digital. You can grab a collectible physical copy on Amazon or download the digital version on your Kindle app. Either way, you’ll be engaging with content that’s rich, diverse, and relevant.

Proceeds from its sales will contribute to The Art Therapy Initiative, an embodiment of .ART Registry’s longstanding commitment to making a broader impact in the art community.

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