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During the first half of 2023 .ART continued to show strong and steady growth. We ended H1 2023 with 244,407 .ART domains under management, a net domain growth of 19% over H1 2022. .ART’s consistent and stable growth is evidenced by numerous high-quality registrations, including some of the world’s best-known museums and art institutions, as well as a strong renewal rate of 82% for premium names and 61% for standard domains.


Premium Domains Sales

In Q2 2023 we sold 1,257 premium domains, representing 5% of .ART names registered and 62% of domain registration revenue and for H1 2023 we sold 2,533 premium domains, representing 5% of .ART names registered and 64% of domain registration revenue.

24 .ART premium names were sold at $5,000 or $10,000 price tiers (15 – in Q1 and 9 – in Q2) including great names such as,,,,, and The average price of premium names sold in H1 2023 was $385 confirming our belief in the demand and revenue-generating capability of affordable premium names, as well as higher-priced, super-premium names.

The most premium sales came from the $910 tier, representing over 40% of the premium names revenue during the period. In terms of numbers of domains sold, the $70 and $140 tiers each accounted for 21% of the premium domains sold, again emphasizing the popularity of accessible and affordable premium names among the art community. All .ART premium names have a renewal price of $39 regardless of the first year registration fee.

In the Secondary Market, DRAW.ART sold for $6,499 on 2023-04-08 at TOP.DOMAINS (Source)

New Premium Inventory

In Q2 we also released a number of previously reserved super-premium names into new $50,000 and $100,000 tiers, including many two letter names as well as high value geo names such as and and others.

Registrar Performance

Top registrars in H1 2023

At the end of H1 2023 .ART domains were offered by 201 registrars worldwide, and 100 of them were actively selling premium domains. The top 5 registrars in terms of domains sold were Namecheap, GoDaddy, Google, Tucows, and Alibaba, while the top 5 registrars in terms of premium domains sold were GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google, PDR, and OVH. There were 6 registrars that sold premium names at $5k or above:

Registrars that sold at least 1 .ART super-premium name ($5k+)

.ART Trends

According to Namecheap Domain Insights & Trends Report .ART is in top 10 TLDs with the best renewal rates 2023.

.ART is the 1st TLD by registrations in the category Art/Design.

Domain Usage

Active usage is a critical indicator of the success of a TLD. Usage drives awareness as well as renewals, and we are very proud of the active online .ART community and the number of highly creative live sites using a .ART domain as their primary URL.

Here are some examples of premium domains registered in H1 2023 with live sites that also demonstrate the breadth of use cases for .ART domains, from Web3 and Generative art, to physical museums, to individual artists and more:

Noble Boxing Club stands as a pioneering destination that seamlessly blends the world of boxing with elements of interior design and fashion. Its establishment has gained widespread recognition for housing not only top-tier boxing trainers but also a captivating and stylish ambiance that sets us apart.

The open platform for generative art on Ethereum

AI Art Generator

PoCo Pop And Contemporary Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia.

Yakob is a photographer & digital creator. His work lives and breathes on the ethereum blockchain.

Additional initiatives

As a short, meaningful, and memorable domain extension with purpose, .ART continues to grow and innovate.


In 2023 we supported ENS and Web3 products. At the verified owners of DNS .ART domains can register their matching .ART ENS name. In addition, ENS names for special characters that are not available on DNS, such as emojis, can als be registered. At the end of H1 2022 685 ENS .ART names had been created.


Launched in Q1 the ART THERAPY INITIATIVE, a charitable program supported by .ART domain sales, was introduced to support and spread awareness of the therapeutic benefits of art, essential in today’s stressful world. .ART launched the Art Therapy Initiative with the funding of a $1 million fellowship for graduate students in the Art Therapy program at The George Washington University. In May .ART in conjunction with GWU gave a well-attended and well -received presentation on Art Therapy at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) annual meeting in Denver, Colorado. You can see highlights from the presentation here.


During Q2 entries were collected for the 2023 Digital Innovation in Art Award, as part of the prestigious Investor Allstars event held in October in London by GP Bullhound. In partnership with .ART, this award recognizes a company, an initiative or an individual in the art industry that has used digital technology, the internet and/or AI to disrupt and innovate within the art and tech world between the period of 2021-2022. An impressive jury of representatives from the art and tech worlds has been assembled to judge the innovative applicants for this prestigious award.


At Namescon in May, .ART introduced an innovative new way to earn referral commissions for the sale of premium .ART domains. At you can register and received free digital coins that can be used to create a referral token for an unregistered .ART premium name. When that name gets registered, at any registrar, the token holder receives a reward payment. For more information and to receive your free coins and start creating referral tokens visit


.ART will continue to innovate ways in which to digitally store evidence of authenticity and the provenance of any art object by using US-patented “Digital Twin” domains. These .ART domains employ additional Whois data fields to record art object metadata. Expanding on the foundation of the Digital Twin, in Q2 .ART opened up Alpha testing of, a comprehensive platform to manage the provenance, protection, and promotion of art and cultural objects. The Beta version is planned to be launched by the end of 2023.


.ART has completed H1 2023 with impressive continued growth in registrations and usage. In addition, .ART continues to lead the way for innovation by a domain registry, introducing products and services designed to empower creatives to embrace the convergence of art, technology, and commerce.

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