Ever since its launch, .ART has been at the forefront of Blockchain integration and always counted on the synergy between this technology and the DNS. The At the Apsara Conference of Alibaba Cloud in 2019, .ART already presented its Digital Twin product, which allows the provenance of an object to be stored both on Etherium and in WHOIS, providing double security for its users. A year later, the function of lazy NFT minting was added to the Digital Twin solution, as well as the possibility to instantly publish NFTs on various marketplaces, including OpenSea and Rarible. The .ART Digital Twin is now being further tailored towards the needs of the creative community.  

Parallel to this development, the .ART team has been working on the integration of other blockchain solutions in alternative networks, which allow to significantly reduce token production expense, provenance information storage and NFT minting.   

One of the stepping stones towards these developments for .ART is the expansion of partnering network of like-minded companies and platforms, with Wakatta being one of them. Switzerland-based Wakatta is an NFT-focused blockchain for the entertainment industry pioneering new types of non-fungible tokens: upgradable, time-limited, and non-hashed NFTs. Wakatta and .ART will collaborate on creating a virtual, NFT-based marketplace for the .ART community, offering artists the possibility to mint, buy, sell or exchange non-fungible tokens.  
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NFTs have become an undisputed feature of the art world. We’re committed to furthering the potential of this technology and working hand in hand with creators to facilitate and support NFT collections and drops. Ever since the launch of .ART we have been integrating various blockchain solutions and are thrilled to welcome Wakatta as one of our partners. Together we will be able to open up access to easy-to-use and affordable blockchain-based solutions for artists who wish to enter the world NFTs, while streamlining the distribution and monetization process for those already in it, says Ulvi Kasimov, Founder of .ART Registry

 You can find out more about the .ART x Wakatta collaboration here