Above: The Hope by Reyhan Kasimova and the Kasimov Family via https://the-hope.art

The Healing Powers of Art

Art therapy is a healing tool that should be accessible to all—at least, that’s the mantra empowering our Art Therapy Initiative, to which we allot a portion of our domain sale proceeds. Inspired by artist Medina Kasimova, who used art to overcome communication barriers, the Art Therapy Initiative aims to integrate art’s therapeutic qualities into our daily lives. As part of our enduring commitment to this mission, we are hosting a free webinar on the healing powers of art. We also premiered our short documentary exploring the same subject.

In Our Community:

.ART is also the domain of choice for a variety of art therapy projects, some of which are even featured in our documentary. Here are some highlights from within our community:  


Following the international kidnapping of her daughter, photographer Melinda McCoy noticed a disheartening lack of artistic healing tools for children. She took matters into her own hands by opening the ELM Foundation in her daughter’s name. They offer free art courses to children in the area, ranging from stop motion to screen-printing to DJ’ing. This program allows participants to emotionally express themselves where words might fail and provides a safe space for children and teens to commune.  


The International Program of Art Therapy in Thailand (IPATT) is a collaboration between the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT) and the Art Therapy Foundation, Thailand. IPATT’s program offers intensive art therapist training to those who don’t have time to commit to longer term courses. Enlisting licensed art therapists from Canada, the program’s aim is simply to proliferate art therapy through Thailand.  


Following a two-decade career in curation and art directing, Tima Jam founded Blue Rhino Art Consultancy in 2016. Beyond consulting, commissioning, and organizing art events, Blue Rhino offers art therapy workshops, encouraging their community members to engage with artmaking as a tool for emotional expression and mental well-being.   


Lee Wan Xiang is both artist and art therapist. Based in Singapore, Wan Xiang practices “self-inquiry and discovery”, chiefly interested in the use of drawings and symbols that relay themes of belonging and self. From installations to drawings to zines, Wan Xiang is a multidisciplinary artist whose M.A in Art Therapy is just one of their extraordinary accomplishments.  


While not explicitly having to do with art therapy, Casa JOMO’s unique hotel project embraces the restorative powers of art. In fact, its name JOMO stands for “joy of missing out”. This art hotel can be found in Santa Teresa, the art district of Rio de Janeiro. With eight uniquely themed rooms featuring immersive art, Casa JOMO encourages guests to detox from technology and enjoy the artistry around them.  

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