The crypto universe is still in its infancy, which means countless new inventions and solutions will live their business cycle within it. When it comes to art, there’s no such things as “too much” security or tracking, every inch (and pixel!) of an artwork could be worth millions. To be able to adequately ensure the safety of digital art that is being created and exchanged as we speak, all sides of the market should concentrate on finding a common ground. The DNS system might just be it: with its universality, ironclad trust, and decades of experience.

The domain name market is highly competitive, saturated, and mature. Percentagewise, the growth in the number of domains is comparable to the growth of the world economy.

At the same time, a high level of reliability has been accumulated in the DNS (domain name system) ecosystem, along with universal trust from its global users. The DNS is an infrastructure with over 40 years of flawless operation, relied upon daily and exclusively by 4 billion internet users. It is a global digital consensus like no other.

When it comes to registering art objects, physical and especially digital, the question of provenance is still center stage. The market demand for trusted digital registration of artifacts is reflected in the exponential growth of crypto. It is believed that crypto solutions and blockchain technologies are reliable a priori, although this is not so obvious for IT professionals. Nevertheless, the demand is so high that no one considers the obvious bottlenecks of blockchain (the “51% attack”, for instance).

DNS might just be the solution. .ART has been cleared by ICANN to expand the fields in its WHOIS protocol, allowing it to implement the sale of domain “certificates” through thousands of existing registrars willing to enter the business. The additional WHOIS fields are based on Object ID™, an international standard for art object identification, developed by the Getty Information Institute and promoted by the FBI, Interpol and UNESCO.

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The additional WHOIS fields allow for domains to be docked with any crypto solution and beyond, removing the need for a competitive battle between them. Not only this provides double security, but it also offers a digital environment where different blockchain solutions can co-exist, creating an unlimited pool of choices for the end user.

Blue (In-Human Contact Series), 2021 by 3DFraction via 1DUTCH

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