.ART is always keen to welcome new partnerships with artist-oriented projects such as Canvy, a small and very dedicated team that has created an online service for fine art painters and poster designers.

We share the common value of creativity in every form with our partners from Canvy, as well as the idea that every artist needs a good online representation whether they create using digital or traditional media, but especially in the latter case. If you are a traditional artist who creates art for walls, you must think about the options of showcasing your works online. You will like using Canvy as it proposes both showroom-editor and site-creator capabilities, setting this service apart from others.

Canvy offers an artwork manager which will help you organize your work in one place and have access to it from anywhere. Their room mockups will give you all the necessary tools to create stunning showcases: your potential buyers will be able to see your work in virtual beautiful rooms so that they would be happy to have your pictures in their real home.

Canvy will also provide you with an outstanding portfolio website builder so that you will be able to turn your collection of artworks into a beautiful .ART website with only a few clicks.

Below are some examples showcasing the creative use of the Canvy tools by .ART domain adopters:


Creative Vice interprets nostalgic pop culture of 90s relying on the personal childhood experience of the author. Everyone who is nostalgic about the simplistic style of the 90s animation can order a poster from the Creative Vice website.


alzayani.art is an another good example of how Canvy’s service and .ART Domains are combined to create a full-fledged professional portfolio. Khalid Alzayani is a contemporary artist based in the UAE who exhibits his artworks in Qatar, Bahrain, and other countries. He paints in different styles, from abstraction to street art. To him creativity is a derivative of mood and ambience during painting sessions, he believes that the character of a painting reflects the temper and emotions of the artist.


valerietimmons.art presents works by Valerie Timmons who is a contemporary artist, based in Louisville, Kentucky. Her genre-spanning style covers creating landscapes, portraits, still life paintings, geometric abstraction and minimalism, while her own website shows a good example of minimalistic aesthetics containing only the necessary elements and nothing superfluous.

Michel Pommez is a contemporary French artist who is fond of creating abstract and figurative art – and Canvy’s showroom-editor feature user. Being raised in an artistic atmosphere of Montparnasse Michel is constantly inspired by different styles and genres of art, by ancient and contemporary art. His website gives you a real opportunity to imagine how these outstanding artworks might look like on the walls of you own home.


paternu.art  is a website of the artist Uros Paternu from Ljubljana, Slovenia, and an excellent example of how you may use the room mockups by Canvy. The Uros Paternu’s personal manifesto states that his main goal is to «paint living paintings» and you can feel almost palpable dynamic vibes while looking at his abstract artworks with dancing shadows.


ironartist.art is a perfect showcase of expressionist and impressionist works by James Metcalf, or IronArtist, who prefers to use both digital and traditional media. A professional graphic designer, art director and illustrator in the US advertising industry, James draws and paints in his off time, claiming that this activity is feeding his soul and hoping that his artworks will bring joy and happiness to other people.

 Looking for a way to showcase your wall art? Use Canvy and get a .ART domain name included with your membership!