“At the heart of my vision there is a passion for the arts, and the belief in its value – economical, emotional, and for humanity. The pandemic year we just went through showcases the importance of art in our life, its effect on our wellbeing. Art can soothe, art can be the medium for difficult conversations. Now that .ART has grown into a digital hub in its own right, we will double our efforts in product development and continue supporting the creative community, which inspires us to go further every day” – Ulvi Kasimov, .ART Founder

Having reached and surpassed the 100K milestone in early 2021, we need no further proof that .ART is becoming the art world’s website address of choice for anybody in the creative industry; individuals and institutions.

For our team, internationally renowned adopters such as Centre Pompidou, The Guggenheim, Harvard University, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Berlinale, tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, or artists such as Marina Abramović, Refik Anadol, Matt Kane, are as important as everyday hobbyists. Furthermore, this is why .ART is committed to its fair price algorithm, offering equal access opportunities and ensuring that the desired domains go to the “right hands” in the art community.

“For someone to appreciate or love a work of art it first has to be seen and .ART is quickly becoming the place that allows people to cut through the clutter of the ever expanding global art world. “ – Jonathan Prince,  Jonathan Prince Studio, jonathanprince.art

The past year has been rich in emotion and sometimes felt like a roller coaster ride. A lot of positive happened too – here are some of our most notable snapshots:

Digital Twin patent & NFT destination
After obtaining a US patent for the .ART Digital Twin solution, which might be best described as a sophisticated digital certificate of authenticity that can be applied to any art or cultural object, we decided to go further. Thanks to a seamlessly integrated algorithm, artworks registered with .ART Digital Twin can now be easily sold on OpenSea and Rarible (NFT marketplaces). The only thing you will need is your art, your .ART Digital Twin and an Ethereum wallet. This allows any creative to try their hand at NFT minting without any struggle.

Impactful partnerships
.ART is becoming a home and a partner of choice for many organisations as well as groundbreaking projects which are sharing our goals and values; fostering communities, thinking globally, generating value from art and creativity as well as supporting artists.

.ART is proud to have announced last week its latest partnership. Arlekin’s Zero Gravity (zero-G) Virtual Theater Lab. .ART will host all the (zero-G)’s virtual theatre productions creating an international hub for virtual theatre performance. As the art industry has been tested in the past year, live art has been greatly impacted, losing its audience. This is a great opportunity to reinvent themselves and what theatre can be as well as its accessibility.

“As .ART marks this milestone it is truly a cause for celebration for the artistic world. Arlekin Players and our Zero Gravity Lab are honored to be beginning a new partnership with .ART right at this moment to explore virtual theater and make theater accessible to all. The potential of the .ART site to become a convening place, a site of creation and shared ideas, shows true vision by .ART’s founder, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.” – Igor Golyak, Artistic Director, Arlekin Players Theatre, zerogravity.art

.ART partnered with CADAF as an innovation partner on several occasions this year, including their editions of Digital Art Month. Between talks, compelling discussions, and safe events about art in this troubled year, CADAF renewed its way of looking at challenges and used creativity and art to soothe as well as innovate.

Always at the forefront of the discussion about innovation and technology, it is not surprising that Ars Electronica partnered with .ART to launch their first-ever online arm to their 40 years old festival. This dual edition of Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery and Ars Electronica .ART Pavilions featured hundreds of artists from across the globe.
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A visionary leader, recognized by his peers
It is with great humility that .ART co-founder, Ulvi Kasimov, received the news that he was among the Top 50 Most Innovative Leaders in the Art World in 2020 by Observer. This Arts Power 50 recognize forward-thinking and thoughtful leaders & philanthropists that want to empower the artistic community and more.

To add to this very special nomination, our co-founder, Reikhan Kasimova, initiated the highly successful #FlowersForMedics charity campaign. The co-founders are rapidly becoming one of the leading power couples of the art world, showing their constant and authentic desire to support the creative community all across the world.

“Since the very launch of .ART, we have been in close communication and are grateful for this long-standing partnership. Together MAMM and .ART have launched exhibitions, charity programs and auction events. When it comes to the .ART team, there is always space to come up with new ideas. We are already planning out next collaboration which will center around “Art of the Future” festival the coming fall, where .ART will act as an innovation partner.” – The team at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Celebrate art by connecting with us on Clubhouse!Perhaps not so much a party but an animated conversation, we will be on Clubhouse to discuss the making of the company as well as the latest trends in online consumer behaviours, collectibles and the Web 3. Join Ulvi Kasimov, .ART Domains Founder, Kurt Pritz, member of .ART Domains Strategic Planning Board, Jeffrey Sass, CMO of .CLUB Domains LLC and others on May 12th, 6 PM EEST. Save the date!