Everyone loves a stunning LED piece, and Color + light have mastered the art of beautiful lighting. But imagine for a moment being able to bring such a piece back home. That’s exactly what Aaron Oppenheimer, founder of Color + light, aims to do with their new product: Fluora, your personal LED houseplant /lamp. 

Color + light  

With Fluora, light isn’t just a utility. It’s a scene-stealer. With its realistic natural plant form and immersive, precision-tuned lighting system, Aaron Oppenheimer promises that Fluora will bring your space to life in more ways than one, and it truly does. After all, Color + light are no strangers to designing beautiful LED installations: their artists and engineers have created over $10m of mesmerizing 3D LED Art Installations and experiences all over the world, from Oslo to Honolulu. Now, they are focusing on Fluora, which is a proof of concept for the future of home and indoor lighting — a dynamic canvas with incredible integrations.

“Globalization, decentralization, and the digital work from anywhere revolution is creating an explosion of new creative energy. With NFT’s, digital artists finally have a platform to be able to support themselves. Creation tools are becoming mature, as are ways to display digital artworks. We are in the midst of a revolution of what is possible at the intersection of art and technology.”

– Aaron Oppenheimer, founder of Color + light.  

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Notable early adopters of Fluora include top influencers and Youtubers such as Pokimane (7.8m followers), GibiASMR (3.3m followers), as well as Tech Tesseract. Color + light hope that in Fluora’s future, one can sync the beautiful light displays with Headspace meditation sessions, Spotify playlists, Peloton workouts, and more. Your magical LED Fluora houseplant/lamp boasts 15 individually addressable LEDs per leaf, enabling animations that swirl, pulse, and twinkle, as well as a mobile app that brings the magic to any given mood, providing customizable control over hue and colour with a variety of patterns.