Above: “Uncertain balance” by Riccardo Malleo 

Malleo’s works (riccardomalleo.art) delve into themes of self-discovery, dreams, reality, memories, and altered states of perception. Currently studying VFX at the prestigious Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, Malleo’s journey in the realm of digital art is as diverse as the mediums he explores. “I have always been interested in video and all the processes of editing animation,” he shares. “It was always my biggest interest.”

For Malleo, nature serves as a primary theme, intertwined with generative art, and is a recurring theme in his creations. “There are so many symbols and themes that I like to explore. The main subject is nature,” he explains. “I also like to explore specific symbols related to figures of the Oriental world, the themes of the body and discovery of ourselves”.

“Han’ nya” by Riccardo Malleo

His artistic approach is fluid, embracing both easily recognizable imagery and cryptic, dream-like compositions. “Dreams are one of the biggest inspirations,” Malleo notes. “I really like to explore different kinds of mediums and processes. I like to mix different elements and diverse techniques, different tools – digital and physical.”

Having collaborated with various galleries and artists, Malleo’s journey into the realm of NFTs and digital art has been a natural progression.

I’m interested in exploring the field of live audiovisual performances. Having a background as a pianist, I do incorporate music in my works.

His works have garnered international recognition, with exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, Milan, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, and Miami. From the immersive displays on urban screens to the vibrant world of NFTs, Malleo’s art continues to captivate audiences worldwide, offering glimpses into the boundless possibilities of digital expression.

Reflecting on the significance of his newly launched .ART-based website, Malleo shares, “I am really interested in presenting my projects and I am looking for communities and websites that are open to emerging artists. I felt .ART was really open. I’m really excited to have a website which serves as a portfolio. Website is like a personal installation, it’s like an online exhibition of your own self and you are free to curate it the way you want.”

“Diffusion” by Riccardo Malleo

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