The pieces highlight the increasingly delicate and multifaceted connection between the real and virtual worlds, a relationship that continues to grow closer despite their inherent differences.

Egor’s works raise the question about the impossibility of representing reality using the flawed methods of communication that exist today. Via his creative practice, investigations are made into how different media affect our perceptions and how they interfere with our ability to comprehend impacts and consequences of technological advancements, as well as their implications in politics, economics, morals, ethics and aesthetic values.

URL Stone

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The URL stone juxtaposes ancient means of communication with those available to us at the present in an effort to test their longevity. A URL has been carved into a marble plaque. It  leads to a Wikipedia page with details of the project and its current location. Egor brings together the two fundamentally different mediums in an effort to see which can better stand the test of time.

The Link

This project is designed to evidence the connection between the real and the virtual. An image of a shining hyperlink is set up in various locations. The URL on the screen contains the familiar components of a typical hyperlink, but is also a complete meaningful sentence.

The pro­ject is par­tially vir­tual in na­ture, in that users can follow the link to the webpage and access the content virtually from anywhere in the world. Yet, it contains tangible aspects of reality: a real-time 360-degree view of the camera’s location is available on the site. Thus, viewers will transition from the real, to the virtual via this simple action – essentially creating a digital echo of their physical movements.